How To Manage Neck Pain

Neck pain can be so debilitating and uncomfortable. Waking up early in the morning only to find that you cannot move or turn your neck makes it even worse. It ruins your busy schedule and affects your posture. That is why your pain management in Fredericksburg, VA experts are committed to helping you manage your pain and enjoy going on with your busy schedule.

What causes neck pain

The following can cause neck pain.

  • Injuries during an accident or a fall
  • Strained muscles when you overwork on a computer, or you remain hunched for a long time
  • A pressed nerve by one of your discs
  • Bone spurs that affect your joint movement due to old age
  • Wrong sleeping position

How to diagnose neck pain

Your doctor may recommend tests and examinations to identify the causes of your pain and your neck condition.

Blood tests

The blood test checks if you have any bacterial infections or inflammatory that may contribute to neck pain.


Your doctor can recommend the following examinations:

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • X-rays
  • Computed Tomography Scan
  • Nerve Conduction Studies
  • Discography
  • Selective Nerve root Block
  • Electromyography
  • Fluoroscopy

Neck pain treatment

After the diagnosis, your doctor may put you under the following treatments depending on your neck condition.


Pain-relieving medication and muscle relaxant may be administered to you by your doctor. The medicines are more substantial than the regular pain killers that you buy over-the-counter.

Physical Therapy

Your doctor will work closely with a physical therapist to help you go through physical neck exercises to strengthen your neck muscles and align your neck bone. Your doctor may recommend putting on a cervical collar to provide support for your neck and reduce movement.

Facet Joint Injection

Your doctor may use this injection to offer long-term pain relief, minimize inflammation, and help you go through physical therapy exercises with ease.

Stem cell injections

The injection is to regenerate your tissues.  Your doctor performs the procedure by injecting the cells into a degenerated disc, which helps to regenerate the damaged disc by producing collagen that restores its function.

You can only receive three injections per year, but one injection can also be enough to get full benefits, depending on your condition.

Epidural Injections

Your doctor will use an anesthetic medicine to inject into your epidural space on your neck.  Your doctor uses this treatment if you have been having severe neck pain accompanied by numbness and weakness in your arm and shoulder for more than four weeks.

Stellate ganglion blocks

If you are experiencing nerve injuries, your doctor will use stellate ganglion blocks to treat you by first injecting a local anesthetic near your voice box, followed by an anesthetic medication. The procedure takes around thirty minutes.

Radiofrequency ablation

Your doctor will work closely with the radiologist to perform this procedure. Your radiologist will numb your treatment area using an anesthetic, but you will be alert throughout the process. Your radiologist will then release the radiofrequency current, which will destroy the nerve that transmits pain to the brain.

For more details on managing your neck pain, call or book an appointment online with your doctor at Prime Regenerative and Pain Management. 

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