How to Keep Your Brain Healthy and Active

Forgetfulness, dementia or memory losses are things that we all fear. We do not want to go through the trauma or embarrassment of forgetting things. Mostly, it is an age related process.

However, forgetfulness in its elementary form can happen to anyone, anytime. We all must have experienced that moment when we go in a room of our house to do something and then we forget why we went there.

Moreover, with the introduction of technology, we have become lazy. We can store everything in our mobiles and computer; we can set reminders and alarms, so there’s no exercise to the brain. It has been scientifically proven that the working capacity of brain gets affected due to this. An unhealthy brain can also lead to memory loss. This should act as an alarm for all of us and we must take necessary steps to avoid this.

Keeping our brain busy is the best option to maintain our brain’s health. Following are the ways in which you can do it –

StimulateYour Brain

Mental exercise to the brain is the best way to keep it healthy. Solving crossword puzzles, Sudoku challenges, jigsaw puzzles provide good exercise to the brain. It increases our thinking capacity.

Even the internet is full of games that can challenge our brain; like matching same coloured candies, shooting games that require concentration, searching for a small thing in a huge cluttered room etc. Playing these games is fun and is also good for stimulating your brain.

Unload Your Mind

Our mind is always full of thoughts, tensions and plans. In this competitive world, we have to run in the front and have to prove ourselves every now and then. So our mind is clogged up with too many thoughts all the time.

There is no time for it to relax. This can prove quite dangerous to the brain’s health. Once in a while, it is therefore necessary to unload all the thoughts from our mind and relax.

The best way to do this is by enjoying a vacation at a serene place or indulging in some fun activities like playing games on or following your passion like dancing, gardening, cooking.

YourDiet Counts

Intake of good and healthy diet acts like an oil to the machines. It keeps the machinery of your brain smooth and healthy.

A balanced diet that is full of proteins, calcium, iron, vitamins should be taken regularly. Nuts, green vegetables, fish; eggs are all good for your brain’s health.

Proper Sleep

Many people have a habit of sleeping late. But the hectic schedule requires them to wake up early. Thus, we are deprived of sufficient sleep. Due to this, we start feeling groggy, cannot focus on our work and end up getting frustrated. This can affect the brain negatively.

Hence, it is extremely important to ensure that you have at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep to keep your brain healthy for a long time.

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