How Companies Are Using Construction Tech & Drones To Increase Safety

They used to be just part of sci-fi movies, but they’re now becoming more and more common in the construction site– drones. Similar to the utilization of smart wearables, such as a safety vest, today, more and more businesses are becoming interested in using drones as they are proven to be quite useful not only in improving overall efficiency but safety as well.

Here are some ways that construction tech is helping the industry progress to be more efficient and safer for the job site.

Protects the Worker

In the construction industry, the leading cause of death is falling. In fact, it represents around 40% of death in this sector.

The wonderful thing about drones is that they can be utilized to ensure that the worker wouldn’t be required to carry out dangerous tasks, such as having to climb tall infrastructure just to get the measurement. Simply put, drones minimize the need for workers to perform these tasks, which improves overall safety.

Eliminate Costly Mistakes

Drones are equipped with cameras, and this allows them to quickly send visual data, such as 3DR Site Scan to determine if any problems should be worked on.

Aside from cameras, drones can also be embedded with infrared sensors, geolocation, and many more to record accurate details regarding the physical and environmental in real time. The high-resolution images taken by a drone are then turned into precise 3D models and orthophotos, which creates a rich digital representation of the job site.

Aside from that, drone data platforms make it possible to overlay design files without any problems at all. This allows the project manager to pinpoint constructibility challenges, and spot the problems right away.

Better Collaboration

Collaboration is essential in the construction industry. By being able to collaborate with one another, you’ll be able to save money and ensure that everyone moves in the same direction– no one would be left behind.

Drones improve overall collaboration as it collects data on-site and distributes them through different platforms, such as BIM 360. This allows the contractors, superintendents, virtual design teams, and engineers to see the aerial view using their device.

Eliminate Risks

On every project, whether the contractors like it or not, they are carrying a significant risk. This includes being overcharged on one side, rework, missed deadlines, and let’s not forget legal challenges.

With the help of drones, it has become possible to lessen the risks as it identifies the issues before they even arise. This provides precise data regarding disputes, as well as being able to document the project right away.

Improvement in Overall Security

Drones offer a remarkable increase in security because they are utilized to maintain the safety of employees and protect the job site from any forms of theft and vandalism.

Also, because drones could be everywhere, not only do they reduce the occurrence of theft, they also keep the workers safe as they create an around-the-clock monitoring system that’s slowly being adopted by more and more construction companies. Not only do they elevate onsite security and safety, but they also ensure that everything is functioning the way they should.

As of the moment, drones can be flown practically anywhere, and this includes dangerous locations which reduce workplace accidents and increase overall job site safety.

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