How Air Pollution, Is A Threat To The Urban Tourist

Pollution When Travelling

Tourist usually suffer from air pollution when theyvisit large busy cities.  The situation gets even worse when the traveler spends most of their days in open spaces as they are then directly exposed to the contaminated air. Many tourists are affected by the bad air therefore spending four days in Paris would equivale smoking two cigarettes. A very scary thought to a frequent flyer such as Nadine Gourkow but some of these trips can unfortunately not be avoided therefor extra precautions must be taken for safety purposes.

What if tourism was also threatened by pollution? This conclusion is reported by certain studies put in place to get a better understanding of tourism. The organization conducting the study has assessed air pollution in the ten most popular tourist metropolises, such as New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Tokyo, Lagos, Mumbai and more.  According to the results, a short stay of four days in a country such as Paris or Mumbai as previously mentioned would be very detrimental to one’s health.

What To Consider When Travelling

When considering the extremely high heat this obviously causes an increase in pollution as it peaks the ozone. And unfortunately, the French capital is far from the only one in this case: Amsterdam, Rome and Vienna have the same bad pollution results. To breathe better, and still have the pleasure of encountering the beauty the nature has to give you may want to fly to Dublin or Barcelona, ​​where, for the same duration, the pollution rate is equivalent to one cigarette smoke. In this ranking, two cities are to be avoided: Prague and Istanbul, where your lungs would be exposed in such a manner that it would feel as if they are being “smoked” by four cigarettes.

But then why is the tourist more exposed than the simple city dweller who suffers the same pollution on a regular basis? According to specialists when pollution is high in the air, it is recommended to avoid eating or playing an outdoor sport. But spending a holiday in a city is essentially walking and lunch on the terrace.

As a reminder, the Hexagon is the first global tourist destination with 86.9 million visitors in 2017. To keep its place, we must improve its air quality. To do this, the government wants to build on the creation, as soon as next fall, of low emission zones (EPZs).

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