Holidays: me and you     

The first time a child leaves alone for a holiday is an awkward moment for the couple. Those who care about the child all day, what to eat, how to dress, what to do, who will go to the lessons, suddenly stay alone. And parents are becoming a couple again.

And the challenge is ahead. They remember how life is without the children. It is the opportunity to fill the batteries, to find themselves – and to-between them, to remember that they are also lovers in addition to their parenting. Embarrassment is easily surpassed if the couple still keeps their relationship and this “double loneliness” is positive for themselves but also in the long run for their relationship with the child. Only need attention. The absence of the child does not mean that they will sit another five hours in the office or find the opportunity to paint the house. They can also go on vacation to a place they have never been before. A lot of parents choose Indonesia as their destination, in order to relax and enjoy any private beach Bali is really famous for. They can taste real Indonesian food and have a drink under the beautiful sky of the country. They can find the sparkles that lead them to be a family and it is kind of lost due to their daily routine.

Make it easier to separate

 Always say goodbye to children before leaving. If you drop it as a thief while you are asleep or busy with something, you will upset it more and it will be a blow to your trust. Experts even say that this move can cause more anxiety to the child.

Hold your tears and avoid the drama and endless hugs. If you do that you know that you will see your child again in a few days, what will he do? It makes sense to think that such a squalid separation means you leave it forever.

When it is about younger children, make a note with the days marked by your absence. Each day the child passes, he will mark it with a circle. So it will know how many days are left and when all the circles are completed they will know that it’s time to be together again.

Consistency is the key word. Keep any promise to your child. Call and visit as often as you promise, and return home at the date you set.

Organization chart

For successful breaks, consider the age, personality and interests of your children.

If there is family friends who have children at the same age as yours, and if you like, prefer to do your holiday together.

On holidays with grandfather and grandmother find time for you and your partner. These “small” getaways thrive.

The most basic need of children during their holidays is play and relaxation; they are also allowed to “go out” from the daily program that they follow throughout the year.

 Playing sports enhances their sociability, develops their imagination, acquires activities that they desire and want to keep.

You can urge children into creative jobs, constructions with various materials, painting something that impressed and motivated them.

 And the most important; take time to yourself, that is it, and of course it does not have to be difficult or boredom and boredom, even the hours of laziness are constructive.

What to avoid

The strictness of the delimited daily schedule, such as meal frequency, time and quantity should be avoided.

The study of school lessons of the next year is really harmful too. Children do not forget that they learned and they are learning to do it in their own time.

 Pressing them to deal with something they do not want and they do not want.

Tight with sleeping hours, one or two hours later than usual, gives children the opportunity to integrate the concept of holiday as a period of respite, relaxation and flexibility from the rest of the time.

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