Healthy Bones: Exercising Should Be Your Priority

Your bones are the support system of the entire body. Therefore, keeping them strong should not be optional, but rather a priority for you, regardless of your age. Before reaching the age of 30, where bones reach peak mass, they are always broken and rebuilt in tiny amounts. However, after reaching 30 years old, your bones shift the trend, and now you start experiencing more bone loss than gain.  According to Dr. James Lee Jr., MD, an orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist, you can change your bone history by improving the bone structure while you are still young.

Prioritize Exercise

If you want to live a healthy life with minimal health complications, start hitting the gym now. Exercise is known as the remedy for a healthy lifestyle, and it does not cost you much. When you keep your body in shape, you automatically increase the bone density in your body. Therefore, even at an old age, your bone density will not be an issue for you. As the body breaks down and rebuilds your bones, their density will not reduce to the point of putting you at risk. Additionally, when you exercise, your bones gain more strength, making it possible for you to support your body weight comfortably.

Through exercising, you also have a chance of reducing your weight. Therefore, your bones will not have to overwork to keep you in position. With low body weight, your bone density will significantly improve. Start slow and keep increasing as you build strength.

However, before you start on exercises, you need to consult with your doctor for professional recommendations and assistance. Also, it will not harm to check on your family history. If you have any blood relationship with a person who has or had osteoporosis, you are at risk of developing it. As you keep a close relationship with your orthopedic doctor, it will be easy to get your bones in check.

Quit Smoking

Smoking may seem like a cool way to connect you with your peers and give you a sense of belonging. However, if you have a strong love for yourself, you do not have to wait until your doctor mentions cigarettes’ effects on your health. Smoking prevents your body from absorbing calcium efficiently. Therefore, regardless of what you eat or how careful you are in consuming foods with lots of calcium, it is all in vain if you don’t quit smoking. Less calcium in the body automatically means decreased bone mass. You don’t have to get to this point only for the sake of short term connection with peers; make your decision to quit smoking now, while you still can.

Also, getting your bones checked occasionally will help your doctor identify an issue early, hence take you through treatment before the matter escalates. If you have not made up your mind, then this is the right time for you to decide. Take your bone health seriously and do something about it while you still have the chance.

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