Gynecological Conditions For Which You Should Not Hesitate to Seek Professional Help

Every woman in her reproductive years needs exceptional care. During this phase, you should know of the various birth control options and which one best suits you, possible pregnancy complications, and be sure to get screening for various types of cancers like breast and cervical. Thanks to Leela K Patel M.D. and her team at Patel & Patel, M.D., Inc., you will access several expert gynecological services and primary care services. Apart from diagnosing gynecological complications, the team offers their patients preconception counseling and genetic testing to ensure their future babies are free from developing health issues running in their families.

Some of the services this expert team offers include:   

Fertility Evaluation

Trying endlessly and failing to conceive is a worrying experience for any woman. Contacting an expert gynecologist for various tests and examinations can help your doctor identify your problem’s root cause and offer a solution to it. Therefore, fertility evaluation involves a series of procedures your doctor will perform to evaluate the exact reasons you and your partner are not getting pregnant.

You are likely to conceive within a year of trying to conceive when you are 35 years and younger. If conception fails, then you should contact your gynecologist for fertility evaluation.

What should you expect after a fertility evaluation?

After a series of tests and exams, your doctor will analyze your results, give you a diagnosis, and work with you to create the most appropriate and effective treatment plan.

Pelvic Pain

Pelvic pain can either be independent or another condition’s symptom. You will feel this pain between your belly button and hips or groin area for various reasons, some of which could be serious and need immediate attention, like endometriosis and ectopic pregnancy. You should contact your care provider when your pelvic pain disrupts your everyday life and is accompanied by worsening symptoms like:

  • Bloody or cloudy urine
  • Severe menstrual cramps
  • Burning sensation during urination
  • Bloating and gas
  • Diarrhea or constipation

Chronic pain can either be chronic or less severe, depending on your symptoms. Over-the-counter pain relievers can help relieve your pain. However, if you are not sure of the cause, seek professional help.

How will your doctor evaluate and treat pelvic pain?

Your doctor will perform a pelvic exam, ultrasound, and specific lab tests to detect infections during the evaluation. The care provider could also go ahead and screen you for STDs. If the tests do not uncover any condition, your gynecologist will recommend a surgical procedure to check for endometriosis. Pelvic pain has no specific treatment. Therefore, your care provider will design a plan depending on your condition.

Genetic Testing

Did you know that your child is at risk of developing serious health conditions that run in your family history? Your doctor will recommend genetic testing during your pre-pregnancy planning to check for mutations in you and your partner’s DNA. The testing is done on samples of skin, hair, blood, sputum, amniotic fluid, or other body tissues. After your doctor collects your sample, he sends it to the lab, where the lab technicians will check for chromosomal changes or possible suspected health problems.

Going for a gynecological evaluation does not mean you have a health problem. It would be best to go for such evaluations when you want to treat and prevent future complications. However, when you experience gynecological conditions, feel free to contact the experts or schedule an appointment.       

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