Free bet series is a real thing

This type of offer of betting will likely include some time restrictions with a few frequent expiry dates, and in most cases, it has been observed that the next free bet in the series will become valid only at a specified date and time which is typically after the expiry date of the previous free bet. Bookmakers always place these types of restrictions on their bonus bet offer in the hope of motivating and encouraging regular return visits to their site and place.

Initial Deposit Bonus

This is a less common type of bonus betting. In recent times, although there are still a few bookmakers who will offer this type of offer. Initially, you are offered a bonus bet on top of your initial deposit when signing up with a particular a bookmaker. Typically, it is credited as some amount on your initial deposit up to a maximum sum. For example, you receive a 50 % Bonus on your deposit made of say £200. A common condition that however is applied is that on such an offer there is a minimum number of bets that have to be made using your deposit/bonus before you are allowed to withdraw those funds.

Winning your First Bet Bonus

In this format of winning your first bonus, you receive a bonus only if your first bet is a winning bet. Bookmakers will often reward only those who have a greater bonus. If your bet had been on longer odds than shorter odds.

Free bets are usually those bonuses that you can use to place a bet on either a part or full or up to the total value of the free bet bonus you have been awarded.

If you are not sure of which market and bets you need to select and start with to make use of your sport’s free bets, kindly go and refer to the Terms and Conditions of your free bet and read it carefully.



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