Four Types of Experts Your Persona Injury Attorney in Colorado will Work with When Fighting for Your Claim

If you are filing a personal injury lawsuit, you have the burden to prove that your injury was caused by the negligence of another party. Also, you should prove that you suffered injuries that resulted from the misconduct of the defendant and that you received reasonable medical care and claims you will need in the future. 

If you hire a personal injury lawyer Colorado, you can expect them to work with expert witnesses who have special skills, knowledge, experience, training, and education to testify about matters related to your injury. These experts include accident reconstruction specialists, biomechanical engineers, product designers and manufacturers, medical experts, and others. Your attorney will look for the best and most experienced experts in the field that pertains to your case. The expert your lawyer will consult depends on your kind of case. Below are the most common types of experts they work with:

Medical Professionals

Medical expert witnesses are those who could examine you or experts in the condition you are suffering from. They can attest to the extent of your injury and this it could impact your livelihood. In medical malpractice cases, these experts can also testify to the standard of care the negligent doctor must have taken when treating the specific condition of the victim. 

Accident Reconstruction Specialists

In car accident cases, it may not be clear how the accident took place or who caused it. Sometimes, an accident reconstruction specialist is needed to help your attorney present your case and prove the negligence of the other party. This expert is trained in the physics, science, and math involved in car accidents. They can help establish facts such as the speed of the vehicles involved in the crash, the amount of time it should have taken a driver to perceive a hazard, the related rules, regulations, and laws that apply to the accident, and more.


If your accident-related injury resulted in a significant economic loss, your lawyer will hire an economist to help a jury understand the full extent of your economic losses because of the crash. The expert will analyze your long-term future monetary losses. 

Vocational Experts

These expert witnesses are used to help the jury understand the kind of jobs that may be available for you and the impacts of your injuries on your ability to do any kind of work. They can offer testimony on the kind of work your client has performed before and whether you can perform other kinds of work now despite the limitations your injury has presented. 

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