Find Effective & Lasting Pain Relief through Acupuncture In Illinois

According to a 2017 poll, more than 14 million people in the US have used or tried acupuncture. Under the leadership of Dr. Ryan Vaughn, MD, the specialists at Exhale Sinus and Facial Pain Center provide acupuncture as an additional treatment to traditional Western medicine procedures for patients in Schaumburg and the greater Illinois area. The specialists here use this treatment to address several health conditions and find it as a highly effective pain reliever. If you wish to explore its benefits, call the Schaumburg acupuncture specialists or go online to schedule a consultation.

What Is Acupuncture?

         Acupuncture is a type of conventional Chinese Medicine. It involves driving extremely fine needles into precise ‘acupoints’ inside one’s body. These needles help enhance qi, which is referred to as life’s force energy in Chinese Medicine. When one’s qi is way out of regulation, you may experience illness and disease. Fortunately, through acupuncture, this balance/regulation can be restored effectively.

         Acupuncture is a painless procedure. In fact, the needles used are quite delicate that patients hardly feel them. Nevertheless, some complain of experiencing a slight muscle ache or twinge once the needle reaches the desired depth. Procedures take 30-40 minutes and don’t require any downtime. Based on the patient’s health history and prevailing symptoms, Dr. Lisa Decatorsmith determines if you are the right candidate for acupuncture.

Why Use Acupuncture?

The providers at Exhale Sinus and Facial Pain Center have invested a lot of research into acupuncture to ensure they offer the safest and most effective treatments for a wide range of conditions and diseases. These include dental pain, menstrual cramps, labor pain, headaches, lower back pain, osteoarthritis, respiratory disorders, neck pain, and chemotherapy-induced nausea. If you realize any of the above-highlighted symptoms, get in touch with Dr. Lisa at Exhale Sinus and Facial Pain Center for an acupuncture treatment.

What to Expect with Acupuncture Treatments?

During an initial consultation, your practitioner explains the details to you about where they plan on treating. If you are required to remove clothes, they offer a sheet, towel, or gown. You lie on a flat surface, most of the time it’s a table, and then your specialist starts the treatment.

Dr. Lisa Decatorsmith uses about five to twenty needles per session or treatment area. They drive these needles into different depths at precise strategic points and leave them for about 10-20 minutes. The providers at Exhale Sinus and Facial Pain Center ensure they make the hospital environment comfortable and calming so that patients relax and unwind as they receive care.

Testimonials & Reviews

Exhale Sinus and Facial Pain Center values and appreciates reviews from their valued patients. To date, the practice boasts a 4.94 out of 5-star rating based on 18 collected reviews. To see what other people are saying about the practice, reach out to their website today.

That said, patients who partner with the team of specialists at Exhale Sinus and Facial Pain Center are glad to have the full support of highly-experienced medical experts to restore their optimal health and wellness. Dr. Lisa talks to patients about what they can expect and explains all the benefits of acupuncture. Try it yourself today by scheduling an appointment through mobile or book online. 

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