Fear of public speaking: 4 Strategies to Overcome

You may be a wonderful candidate in terms of knowledge and academic record but you lack the confidence, gets nervous, and unable to speak well in group discussions or in front of interviewers. You will end up losing the desired job.

You failed in one subject, you will prepare well for the re-examination. Similarly, you have to prepare well to overcome the fear of public speaking. You may become wordless once or twice but by working on certain strategies, you can become an expert.

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The biggest fear is what people will think:

What if you something speak wrong in front of many people? What if anyone asks the question and you are unable to answer them, what if you forget the content? And there is a bundle of questions that swirl in the mind while preparing for the session.

You are a human, you can make mistakes, making mistakes is not a crime, but learn from that. Make sure, plunders you committed in one session will not get repeated in another one.

List down all the questions that come in your mind and try to find answers for each so that you can deal with the nervousness.

Create the Script:

Many professionals jot down the key points and the rough idea of the content that they want to represent. This is the best way to go for public speaking. You will not forget the sequence and this strategy will help you to cover all the important points.

Make sure that you do not read the full content from the script, quickly move your eyes on the script, and further explain it to the audience without looking at it.

Visualize the positive outcome:

The moment right before you enter the stage is breathtaking; this is the time when many people panic like anything. But ask yourself, why to worry when you are well prepared and rehearsed many times before coming to the stage? Do the light exercise or meditate for five minutes before entering the stage.

Things will happen, the way you think. Visualize the success and anticipate that the session will go well, you will receive the appreciation. Even if not, consider it as a wonderful experience.

Initially prepare the small presentation:

You are a bright candidate but new to the public speaking domain. Take your time to learn and nurture yourself. You start the schooling from the kindergarten and gradually reach at the high school; people start the job as an executive and over a while become the senior manager. Similarly, focus on initial skills with time and experience; you will attain the expertise level.

So, start by preparing the small presentations and with the less number of people.

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