Essential Options for the Shared Desks

You must have heard about coworking. To give a simple definition of this recent concept, we can say that it is a shared workspace. Only a coworking space is more than just offices and meeting rooms, it’s a dynamic and a state of mind.

The genesis of coworking

Opinions differ as to where and when the first coworking spaces were born. If some evoke the existence of coworking spaces in Australia in the 90s, then it created in the city in 2005, which is considered the first shared office in modern history.

Regardless of when or how he was born, coworking has continued for the past decade to attract entrepreneurs and self-employed people to the point of being perceived as one of the main forms of work in the future. A single figure is enough to convince: while in 2008 there were about 800 coworking spaces in the world, there are more than 11,000 in 2019.

The trend has of course reached the coast and more and more coworking spaces open on the island. Today, there are more than a dozen of them. With any of the available shared desks this is a very important part that you will have to consider.

Coworking, a state of mind

If coworking is developing as much in Reunion and in the world, it is because it clearly corresponds to a new way of working, not to say a new way of life. While wage employment remains predominantly dominant, there are a growing number of freelancers, freelancers and other self-entrepreneurs who need space to work and collaborate.

Space de coworking

The advent of digital technology, the new jobs that it brings with it and the possibility of working remotely and in a dematerialized way make it possible to envisage a nomadic office that would be above all a place to live. This coworking state of mind leads to the grouping in the same workspace of different profiles to create a dynamic and emulation conducive to the development of projects and innovation. We are talking about a collaborative economy.

The coworking space, this third place

It is the coworking space, in the broad sense that makes this creative energy possible. Beyond the inherent services offered to coworkers, the development of the coworking space is a key factor. Open spaces, private offices, meeting rooms and convivial spaces coexist in a subtle balance. Thus the space allows welcoming different and complementary profiles.

Modern by nature, a coworking space concentrates state-of-the- art technological equipment in a setting that is both professional and singular. In this, the coworking space is a third place midway between the office and the “home”.

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