Essential Aspects to Consider when Hiring a Tax Accountant in Athens 

Most people hire tax advisors or tax preparers to file their tax returns. However, not all would be aware of a Tax Accountant Athens GA. Furthermore, not all would be aware of how to find the best tax accountant near them. 

Therefore, if you were searching for assistance, find below a few essential aspects to consider when hiring the best tax accountant to meet your specific needs. 


  • Do you need a lawyer licensed accountant or a CPA 


Foremost, ask for a PTIN (Preparer Tax Identification Number). It would be relatively easier t acquire. Therefore, look forward to hiring a certified public accountant, a licensed attorney, an enrolled agent or the one having completed the Yearly Filing Season program of the IRS. It would be pertinent to mention here that the credentials require different amounts of ongoing education, study, and exams. 


  • Do not forget to compare the fees 


You may wonder about the amount charged by taxpayers. Rest assured that an average fee for preparing a Form 1040 would be approximately $200. However, taxpayers who do not use flat rates usually charge somewhere near $140 per hour. At times, taxpayers could have a set fee structure for each form along with the schedule required in your return. The taxpayer could charge a minimum fee along with the cost dependent on the complexity of filing your return. 

If you visit a tax accountant having his or her fee dependent on the size of your refund or the tax accountant claims to get you a higher refund, consider looking for another available option near you. 


  • Avoid the tax accountant who does not e-file 


It would be pertinent to mention here that the IRS requires any paid tax accountant filing more than ten returns for his or her clients, should use the e-file system. If your tax accountant does not offer an e-file, rest assured that the tax accountant has not been doing much tax preparation. 


  • Will the tax accountant sign on the dotted line 


Ensure that the tax account is willing to sign the returns of their clients and cater to them their PTINs. It would be in your best interest not to sign any blank tax return. The tax accountant could add his bank account number to steal the refund from you. 

Finally, consider the availability aspect as well. Regardless of the filing season over, the best tax accountant would respond to your email, take your call, and welcome you for a visit anytime. 


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