Effective Methods of Losing Weight

Some people do not have to worry about excess weight. Weight issues affect both men and women of all age brackets. However, by collaborating with the right specialists, it is possible to achieve your dream weight. For Ashburn weight loss counseling from an industry leader, contact Dr. Suri of Nova Physician Wellness Center to realize your aesthetic goals.

What Is Weight Loss Counseling?

Weight loss counseling helps you identify various emotional and mental factors that may affect your weight management. Changing your mannerisms, information, and thoughts about food and exercise can help you live a healthier life and lose some weight.

To give you the best results, Dr. Suri encompasses behavioral therapy or weight loss counseling in your weight loss therapy. At Nova Physician Wellness Center, your weight loss program begins with an in-depth consultation where you discuss your food, nutrition, and current eating habits. Your practitioner helps you discover harmful behaviors that may be inhibiting your weight loss program.

What Are Trigger Foods?

Trigger foods refer to certain foods that make you overeat. They trigger cravings and an emotional pull to the particular food. With Dr. Suri’s aid, patients identify creative ways to manage trigger foods such as replacing them with a healthier alternative, decreasing their supply, and employing cognitive measures to curb their consumption.

In your weight loss program, Dr. Suri emphasizes enhancing mindfulness, nutritional counseling, and behavioral interventions to understand your trigger foods better. With time, your exposure to such foods strengthens your mindset causing resistance to the craving.

Benefits Of Weight Counselling

Because emotional attachment and the craving of trigger foods can cause you to gain weight, weight-loss counseling helps you manage your body weight. This therapy assists you in scheduling your shopping and food in advance for a pristine weight loss environment. Also, you may include weight loss goals to help keep you on track.

When you visit Nova Physician Wellness Center for the first time, your nutritionist designs a meal plan and fitness plan tailored to your medical conditions. Your weight loss program is divided into two sections, namely weight loss and weight maintenance. Although exercise is a pivotal part of your weight maintenance program, it goes without saying that your nutrition and feeding habits influence your weight loss.

What IIs Medically Supervised Weight Loss?

Most people end up regaining weight after a weight-loss program. Medically-supervised weight loss offers long-lasting results achieved progressively and securely. Dr. Suri creates a personalized weight loss plan for each patient depending on individual factors such as age, health history, lifestyle, and goals. On top of this, he guides you through your weight-loss journey to prevent relapse.

Results You Can Expect With Weight Loss Program

Before designing a customized weight loss program, the initial step is a complete medical examination, physical and lab work to identify existing, potential health issues, and weight loss challenges. In a bid to examine the condition of your heart, an electrocardiogram might be necessary. Your weight loss program entails;

  •       Meal Planning
  •       Body composition testing
  •       Medications
  •       Behavioral counseling

What Can I Expect With a Weight Loss Program?

Everybody reacts uniquely when it comes to weight-loss speed. Factors causing these differences include your starting weight, your adherence to dietary guidelines, and age. Nonetheless, with the aid of a board-certified obesity team, you can realize your ideal body with minimal stress.

Proper body weight boosts confidence and is a sign of good health. If you experience weight-loss issues, contact Nova Physician Wellness Center for a tailor-made weight loss program.



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