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It’s Story About Kitfo Food

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There is a competition in my favorite TV show.My best friend is one of participates who take part in the competition.This compilation is a food race actually. The procedure is that everyone chooses an odd cuisine and cook it in-front of the audience and the judge then very famous chefs who are the shows’ judges taste the food and give points.

Each participant who has the top score is the winner.If you ask me about the award I should say it’s wonderful!An attractive trip to Canary Islands.The most interesting part is that there is tow tickets.One for the winner and another for a follow traveller.My friend suggests me to be along him in the trip if he will be the winner and I accept.


We’re searching for a very odd dish.We searched a lot among Chinese, Philippics, Indian or other countries with strange food.I guess they can be repeated because maybe the others choose Chinese or Indian food to cook.

What if we choose an African food?

I say.My friend says they are dying from insufficiency.

Do you think they have a special food?

Let see.We search and find some recipes. Some are too strange.One of them seems better. It is an Ethiopian foo. It seems so ugly and oddly.It’s a very pinky beef with some chips like thing which it may is a Mexican bread or tortilla.The bread seems delicious but the beef…I have no idea. I’ve never eaten raw ground beef.It seems awfull.Maybe it’s better that we cook some for us and taste it before the competition.


Today is a nice rainy day. We went for a shot before noon and now we are sitting on the dinner table and we are preparing the material based on the recipe.We have fresh ground beef here and some chili pepper another thing we have is butter. We also have some tortill instead of Ethiopian traditional bread.Its name is injera. Because we couldn’t find injera. You should be creative. If there’s no way so make on. OK no we wanna start prepare our unique dish. My friend blends chills and ground beef together. I heat the butter. It seems really easy pizzy. kitfo has limited material and you don’t need to cook the food at all. My friend smiles. Hey buddy imagine that we win the competition and fly to Canary Islands how do you feel? I laugh. Flight to the Canary Islands? Are you kidding me? Do you really think we can win with this oddly funny ugly food ?! It’s just a fun. Please don’t count on it. Can you eat a dish of raw beef by yourself? Why no? He says. And mixes beef pepper and butter together.


Tomorrow is the competitions day. We are stressful and so excited because of the TV show and the competition and specially because of the prize. we prepared some kitfo yesterday. I couldn’t eat and my friend I mean this chef for this ugly food he couldn’t eat too. We dumped it into the trash bin. I know it was a bad idea but we don’t have enough time to taste another cuisine. So we have to cook it tomorrow I mean my friend has to cook it. I am so lucky because I’m just in audience.

Friday night

We went to the television this morning. I can just say it was terrible. First we were late because of a very heavy traffic.My friend was a little nervous because of the lateness so he sleazed! His hands were shaking and he did things very slowly. Finally we could prepare kitfo for the competition. Competitors looked great. Time was over and it was the jury’s turn to make their score. The stranger the food the higher the rating. We were so excited because we didn’t know if our cuisine is stranger than the others. Because we didn’t taste it before the competition. I was regret. The jurys’faces were very weird. At least they talked together for a while and announced the winner. It was unbelievable! Our ugly oddly kitfo was win! The food which we couldn’t eat at all.I know the fact that you should never judge about something before you know about it. Maybe it has a very bad appearance but like you to Canary Islands!

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