Dental Care Center at your Doorstep

Dental health care provides the solutions to our dental needs ensuring we maintain our beautiful smiles. East Village Dental Center is a comprehensive, cosmetic, implant dentistry practice in New York City, located in Manhattan’s East Village. They are committed to providing residents with exceptional care with their treatment policy being to ‘make the patient feel like they are visiting an old friend rather than a regular dentist routine’. The New York aesthetic dental fillings specialists are equipped with modern dentistry resources and are dedicated to offering patients with advanced dental health technology such as digital impression fillers, aesthetic dental fillings, among others.

Their team includes highly skilled dentists and dental staff who are humble, outgoing, and good communicators who ensure their patients understand their dental health conditions and their treatment plans. They take their time in not just treating your symptom but by ensuring your whole body’s health. They also offer many services, from teeth whitening and veneers to laser therapy and dentures.

Some of the services they offer include:

Aesthetic dental fillings

They are used to treat tooth cavities caused by tooth decay. The dentist removes your decayed tooth and fills the hole using filling material. Get rid of your cavity, restore your oral health, and smile with the aesthetic dental fillings specialist at East village Dental center. Call them today to learn more about the aesthetic dental fillings.

Bone grafts

Bone grafts stimulate the growth of new bone tissue. It is usually done when you need dental implants, and you do not have enough healthy bone tissue in your jaw. East Village Dental Center provides safe and effective bone grafts to help build your dental implants. Call them today to schedule a visit.

Periodontal reshaping

Improve your smile by reshaping your gum with the friendly dentists at the East Village Dental Center. They use FDA cleared dental laser therapy to get rid of the excess gum tissue, prepare you for veneers, and treat gum infections. Get a pain free periodontal reshaping with the best dentist experts at the East Village Dental center.

Root canals

People presume that root canals are scary and painful, hence cause you to fear visiting your dentist. The dentistry specialists at the East Village Dental center offers a comfortable root canal through their little-to-no pain procedure. Call or book your appointment today to inquire more about root canals.

Crown lengthening

It’s a procedure done to adjust your crown for a less gummy smile. It is done for cosmetic and medical reasons. Improve your smile by getting professional, safe, and significant crown lengthening with the East Village Dental Center’s experienced dentists today.


Get the smile of your dream through a pain-free invisible Invisalign. With the best dentists at the East Village Dental Center, call them today for inquiries.

Dental bridges

You do not have to be embarrassed when smiling anymore. With dental bridges, you replace and fix the gaps in your teeth, therefore restoring your smile. Get the best dental bridge experience with the dental specialists at the East Village Dental Center today for the most effective treatment and recommendations.

Dental health is vital in our daily lives for healthy, beautiful smiles, and oral care. Get all your dental needs taken care of by the open-minded and friendly dentists at the East Village Dental Center today. Call to visit their offices or book an appointment online.

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