Customizing the Universal Robot

Universal robots is reputable for being a pioneer as well as a market leader in industrial robotics business through its next generation models of robots known as collaborative robots or cobots. In order to make the cobots very efficient and productive they have also set up an e-series program that includes technological advancement, which enables a fast development of the robots for a much wider variety of applications.

They also have an online showroom known as the Universal Robots+ that offers cutting-edge products specifically meant for the customization of collaborative robots to enable them perfectly meet the clients’ requirements. Here are some of the products the UR+ offers for customizing the cobots.

  • The End-Effectors

It is quite impossible for a cobot arm alone to accomplish any task hence the need to be fitted with an end effector. An end effector is a device, attached at the end of the UR robots arm to allow it efficiently carry out the specific tasks assigned.

There are different types of end effectors to suit the various applications that the client intends to use such as polishing, injection molding, assembly, packaging and palletizing. The UR+ platform offers 38 end-effectors products for customizing the cobots.

Some of the products include the RG2 gripper, RG6 gripper, Robotic 2F-140 finger adaptive gripper, Zimmer group-collaborative grippers. These grippers are suitable for tasks such as machine tending, handling, picking and palletizing applications. Others include all in one plug and play vacuum tool, electrical vacuum generator-cobot pump ECBPI and the Picobot.

  • Vision

Vision is an important feature in robotics and Universal Robots clearly recognizes the fact that is why it offers seven related vision products, which are ready to deploy on the collaborative robots. Among the products available at the platform include the Robotiq Wrist Camera that offers  plug and play vision capabilities, Visor Robotic which is very easy to use in robot vision, Pick-It 3D, Accupick 3D and the Cognex In-Sight 2D robot guidance.

These products enable the cobots to take on the various tasks assigned more effectively since it allows safe human-robot collaboration, also the vision products aids the cobots in learning applications that require robotic intelligence. It is easy for workers to set up and program the vision products into the robot without necessarily being vision experts.

  • Accessories

In order to achieve the maximum utilization of the UR cobots, Universal Robots have designed 46 accessories, which are readily available to customers in various industries. These accessories are in eight main categories that include sensors, tool changers, cable guidance, connectivity, interfaces, mobility and protective covers, pedestal/platforms (this is for the robots base).

Some of the accessories include, Igus-Cable Guidance, UR-Clamp, Gimatic Kit-UR-QC, ER5 Max Mobility and Flexibility Robot Cell. For applications that require protection of the cobots from damage, there are protection covers such as the Paint and Disposable Robot Cover to protect the cobot from paint spillage, Climate-Controlled Robosuit, Roboworld Protective Suits forUR3, UR5 and UR10.

  • Software

Having the right software enables the robots to work as efficiently as possible and allows the workers operating the cobots to make pattern adjustments without downtime hence maximizing the cobot’s capabilities. When setting up the robot arm it is advisable to have some information regarding the software functions that are suitable for the specific applications.

Universal robots offer 18 software products with category features that enable the simulation, off-line programming packages and URCaps plugins which are stand-alone. These helps in enhancing the clients’ cobot experience. Some of the software’s include the Actin SDK, Artiminds essentials, Artiminds RPS- easy on/offline programming and simulation software and the Robot Data Center.


Customizing the collaborative robots is very essential to the users for maximum utilization. However, it is important to have the relevant information concerning the products and the most suitable ones to acquire for the specific applications intended for use, visit this site to get all the information you need.

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