Composite Or Vinyl Windows Toronto; Which Is The Best Window Material?

Vinyl windows Toronto have already won matches against aluminium windows and wood windows. However, it is facing a strong challenge from composite windows. These contemporary windows are made up with different window materials such as plastic, wood, vinyl, and metal. Well, do this combination have any impact on their design or they are just jack of all trades but master of none? Find out this and more here.

To know which material is best we will analyse different aspects such as energy efficiency, durability, beauty, and maintenance. From these features, it will be easier for you to determine the right window material to use in your home. You can check this page for more information. But before that, let’s get started here.

  1. Durability

There is no debate here. Vinyl windows Toronto are more durable than composite windows. They are constructed to withstand the severest weather conditions in Toronto. Not even torrential rain, heavy wind or snow can damage them. In addition, they don’t warp when subjected to moisture.

However composite windows share many similarities with vinyl windows when it comes to durability. They don’t rot or warp and can handle any elements of weather such as rain and snow. However, heavy winds and snow can cause them to dent.

Also unlike vinyl where there are no many options to choose from, composite windows come in many variations since they are manufactured from different material combinations.

  1. It Is Easy To Maintain Vinyl Windows.

Both vinyl and composite windows are easy to maintain. Cleaning them is easy. However, here we give higher credit to vinyl windows for the following reasons.

Vinyl windows Toronto are made from one material, and their maintenance is consistent. With composite windows, there are a variety of options, and you may not understand what to get from each type.

In addition, the colours in vinyl windows are permanently baked in the material, so you don’t worry about fading. In composite, the story is different.

  1. Energy Efficiency.

This is a major concern to many people. Energy efficient windows help keep your home comfortable. They also keep off outside weather from getting in. They also have a great implication on the energy bills.

Vinyl windows are composed of insulated frames that you cannot find in any other window style. They also have a double paned glass filled with gas in between the panes. Thus, this makes your home airtight. Composite windows are excellent too, but they don’t offer the same energy efficiency as vinyl windows replacement Toronto.

  1. Which One Have High Potential To Increase The Value Of Your Home?

This is quite a straightforward question based on what we have discussed above. It all goes down to one window material; vinyl windows. They look beautiful, improve energy efficiency and are extremely durable. Is there a reason why a homeowner would choose any other material?

In addition, they are cheaper if that might be their concern!

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