Hosting an event that requires planning for a meal may be stressful. It can also be difficult to decide on the things that will satisfy your entire guests. That’s why Gobble Auckland Catering is here to help you with your next momentous event. It’ll do their best to accommodate your needs and only provides exceptional service.

When thinking about your options, be mindful of these factors:

How Many People are you Feeding?

The amount of food to be served and course options is dependent on the number of your attendees. It is noted that you want to make sure that everyone would be satisfied with your offerings, but large buffet or even a four-course feast just for a meeting or six to eight people is not necessary and will surely be uncomfortable for the attendees.

Does the Meal Fit Within your Timeline?

You need to consider the travel time of your attendees or whether your group has numerous pointers to discuss in the meeting. Then, it is recommended to make your meal simple. The focus of your gathering should be on networking and problem-solving. On the other hand, if you plan on eating during the discussion time, you must consider the portions along with your menu options.

Decide on a Service Style

Here are some types of food service that you may consider or your next event. You need to evaluate clearly the options before deciding on which among these best suits your event:

  • Buffet Style
  • Family Style Servings
  • Heavy Appetizers
  • Food Stations
  • Traditional Plated Meal

Give Your Guests Options

This is notably seen at larger events, it is almost impossible to be aware of how each of your guests will respond to the certain food that you are offering. You should consider allergies, religious or cultural choices, dietary requirements or intolerances when deciding on a menu. It is best and safe to offer your guests at least three options, namely, vegetarian, health-conscious, and something more decadent.

What Would Appeal to your Audience?

Would you like your meal to be fancy to be able to impress the crowd? Or do you prefer to keep everything simple? If your attendees are much older, it is suggested to execute things in a simple manner. But for younger one, spicier or more adventurous foods might be the way to go since they appreciate it much more. Be mindful also of the theme of the event to make each aspect works out.

Where Does Your Food Come From?

If you’re thinking about the food alone, do you imagine frozen, reheated, or fresh? It is much better to integrate sustainable ingredients into our daily lifestyle. Serving food that is free of growth hormones or antibiotics, sustainable, and packaged in renewable resources is strongly significant.

Gobble can propose numerous options depending on the setting that you’d desire to create, the attendees, and the timeline of the day on whether when you want to commence your next event. We can turn your next event into a memorable one!

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