Children learn to smoke by seeing their parents – How parents should quit smoking

For a chain smoker, quitting smoking is certainly difficult but that doesn’t make it impossible. Being a parent, it is one of the best decisions that you can make. If you’re someone who earnestly cares about the health of your kid and you wish to discourage them from smoking cigarettes during their adulthood, you should do away with this bad habit.

Tobacco smokers turn their kids into passive smokers unintentionally by constantly exposing them to second-hand smoke. As their organs are still at a developing stage, it is extremely harmful to expose them to smoke. If mothers smoke, this is directly associated with SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome. Here are few ways in which parents should quit smoking.

#1: Adopt the cold turkey process

This is the process where you gradually stop smoking by reducing the number of cigarettes that you smoke in a day. Instead of suddenly weaning yourself away from nicotine, it is always better to abruptly stop smoking. This method includes much less suffering and the withdrawal period is also shorter.

#2: Electronic cigarettes

As per an e cigarette company, these days there are many who stop smoking by using electronic cigarettes which look and feel like smoking but is actually not so. Researchers and scientists have proved and there are several evidences which prove that people who took to vaping e-cigarettes have successfully been able to quit smoking. Since the e-liquids contain propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, which are all approved by the FDA, they are also much less harmful than tobacco cigarettes.

#3: Opt for nicotine replacement therapy (NRT)

There are several medicines which offer patches, nicotine gums, nasal spray, lozenges and other inhalers which can all be used in the form of smoking cessation tools. However, when you use nicotine substitutes, these might have side-effects particularly when you use them with the wrong dosage. For instance, if you take wrong doses of nicotine patch, this will have side-effects like insomnia, skin irritation and muscle aches.

Being a parent, it is always your responsibility to keep your children and kids away from the smoke that is released from tobacco cigarettes. Both for you and for your family, it is always better to have a smoke-free home as this offers you a healthy environment. You have to quit smoking in order to become a role model for your kids. Set an example for your kids to follow when they grow up as this is a sign of a responsible parent.

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