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According to statistics, about 80% of people have some extent of misalignment in their nasal septum, that is, the cartilage and bone which separates one’s nasal passage. Under severe circumstances, a deviated nasal septum can affect one’s breathing. If you experience a deviated septum in New York which is causing breathing difficulties, a board-certified expert surgeon and otolaryngologist, Dr. Matthew W. Shawl, MD, can offer a comprehensive nose evaluation and administer the necessary procedures to enhance your alignment. To schedule a consultation, get in touch with their office through mobile or book online.

What Is A Deviated Nasal Septum?

A deviated nasal septum is the condition whereby one’s nasal septum is crooked or off-center. Even though it’s quite common to experience some degree of misalignment between the nasal passage, a deviated nasal septum’s alignment is too severe if it affects one’s breathing. Some are born with this condition, but others develop it due to trauma or injury to the nose.

What Are the Common Symptoms of a Deviated Nasal Septum?

A deviated nasal septum might not only affect one’s breathing. Because of this misalignment, one might experience increased nasal congestion or become more vulnerable to sinus infections. It can also result in facial pains and might also be the reason you experience repeated nosebleeds. Besides, it may cause snoring and put you at greater risk of developing sleep apnea, a sleep disorder that affects one’s breathing while at sleep.

What to Expect with a Deviated Nasal Septum Appointment?

Dr. Shawl is a dedicated and compassionate nose, throat, and ear physician who performs extensive examinations for every patient who sets foot at the practice complaining about a deviated nasal septum. He spends ample time with patients to discuss their concerns and works closely with them to develop a customized treatment plan to alleviate these symptoms. During an evaluation, Dr. Shawl cross-checks the patient’s medical history, symptoms and examines the nose to determine the extremity of one’s misalignment.

What Are the Available Treatment Options for a Deviated Nasal Septum?        

Dr. Shawl develops patient-centered treatment plans structured for the management of a deviated nasal septum. In some instances, you may find relief from the accompanying symptoms through medication, but if your misalignment is adverse, Dr. Shawl might perform surgery to enhance your breathing passageway and alignment. The two recommendable treatment options offered for a deviated nasal septum include:

  1. i)               Septoplasty

With septoplasty, Dr. Shawl makes an incision into the patient’s septum to remove the excess cartilage or bone, thus improving the passageway.

  1. ii)             Septorhinoplasty

Dr. Shawl might also perform rhinoplasty, referred to as nose job, in conjunction with septoplasty, a procedure known as septorhinoplasty.

Testimonials & Reviews

Dr. Matthew W. Shawl values and appreciates reviews from his patients. To date, his private practice boasts an average rating of 4.96 out of 5-star rating based on 49 collected reviews. To see what other people are saying about Dr. Shawl, reach out to their website.

In conclusion, Dr. Matthew Shawl is a dedicated and courteous practitioner who puts his patient’s needs above everything else. He is welcoming new and existing patients to his practice. Call the office or go online to request an appointment for the most comprehensive care for your deviated nasal septum.


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