Bid Goodbye to a C-Shaped Back With These Scoliosis Procedures

Scoliosis is a condition that can affect your peace of mind. The condition often leads to self-esteem issues, especially when you have a bent or curved back. Further, the disease can also affect your children or partner, making it not only a personal concern but that for other people. However, you can visit a specialist in scoliosis in Las Vegas for the best treatment to avoid the pain of the condition.

Scoliosis 101

Your spine, just like other organs, can have abnormalities. However, in the case of scoliosis you have an abnormal curve that forms an S or C-shape. Curves occasioned by scoliosis can be remedied when you visit McNulty Spine for diagnosis and early treatment. However, when left unchecked, it can become severe. The most significant signs of the infection include:

  •         Getting shorter
  •         Issues with breathing
  •         Back pain
  •         Rotating spine
  •         Uneven hips
  •         Uneven breasts
  •         Shoulder blades sticking out

Early detection of the disease provides you with more chances to prevent other complications from scoliosis.

Different Classifications of Scoliosis

Scoliosis comes in many different forms. You could have either the nonstructural or the structural version. Each version of the disease has causative factors or risk factors that increase your chances of the disease. Congenital abnormalities, injuries, and degenerations are the major causes of structural scoliosis. Further, issues with your legs can lead to an influence in postural growths that cause nonstructural scoliosis.

Scoliosis also has additional classifications that help to identify and treat it in children. Idiopathic sclerosis mostly affects children. McNulty Spine offers you an opportunity to bring your child for a checkup and diagnosis of the issue to prevent it from advancing to extreme and noticeable levels that affects their ability to fully participate in their childhood. Scoliosis in children begins with little to no symptoms, giving the disease the chance to advance, affecting your children’s mobility as they age.

Scoliosis can also occur at birth due to spinal deformities. Another form of scoliosis called neuromuscular can develop due to deformities in the muscle regions that hold the spine.

Conditions that will likely lead you to scoliosis include:

  •         Muscular dystrophy
  •         Cerebral palsy
  •         Spina bifida

Currently, no scientific reason exists to point to the causal effect of scoliosis on your children. Carrying heavy backpacks or their sitting posture does not influence the condition.

How do doctors treat scoliosis?

Many customized treatments exist to remedy the condition. Your doctor will seek your medical history and the symptoms to customize the most effective treatment. If you have a child with the condition, the doctor can recommend braces that help reshape their curve as they develop. Additionally, as an adult, you could benefit from medications and frequent x-rays to manage the condition.

Surgeries also exist to remedy severe cases of scoliosis. A severe form of scoliosis is associated with a curvature of 40 degrees. In such a case, your doctor will use surgery to help reshape the spine .

A bent or curved back can affect your self-esteem, however McNulty Spine has easy and less invasive procedures to help you manage and regain your posture. Visit the center’s website or call the office to book an appointment.

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