Best Slot Bonuses to Build your Bankroll

Online slot developers are always looking at new and exciting bonuses they can offer players, these bonuses are designed to give players some sort of advantage in the slot which will hopefully end with them winning something. Also, most UK slot sites accept deposits from a mobile payment.

With such a huge range of bonuses available to pick from, some players find it difficult to pick a slot. Some bonuses are better than others when it comes to building your bankroll, building a bankroll is something that every slot player should be doing! Below you can find out about all the best slot bonuses to use when you are trying to build your bankroll. 

Wilds and Respins 

This is an incredibly popular combination which is used in beloved slot games such as Starburst. Essentially, this slot bonus is when the player manages to trigger an expanding wild which takes up the whole reels and then gives the player a free respin. During this respin, if the player manages to land on another wild, they will be given another respin! When using this bonus it is always best to exercise a little bit of caution as when triggering the respin feature it doesn’t actually lead to a bonus round, this means that you could lose all your prizes if you don’t manage to trigger another respin. 

Cascading Reels

Cascading reels are often a very impressive bonus feature, not just because of what the bonus itself offers players but because many slot developers incorporate an exciting visual element alongside the bonus. Cascading reels are triggered when players hit the correct winning combination, this then allows the symbols to be replaced by brand new symbols which often fall into view from the top of the screen. These new symbols will offer players new and amazing opportunities to increase their winnings. The animation component that comes with this bonus has proven incredibly popular with players, developers have depicted cascading reels through an avalanche, a tidal wave and even an earthquake in various slot games. 

Expanding Reels 

Expanding reels are another bonus which you should be on the lookout for if you wish to build your bankroll, this bonus will cause the reel to expand each time you trigger a specific combination. Often slots will have these additional reels hidden from view, they will only be unlockable once the player has hit a bonus feature or specific combination. These expanding reels give players a bigger chance of winning better prizes and getting a bigger payout. The biggest benefit that comes from expanding reels are the wonderful prizes which they offer, often these prizes would be unattainable in the base game. Players should expect to receive free spins, multipliers or cash prizes from expanding reels.

In Summary 

There are several different types of bonuses that players should look out for if they are hoping to build and increase their bankroll. Expanding reels, cascading reels, wilds and respins all offer players unique opportunities to win multipliers and prizes which will ultimately increase their overall payout.

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