Benefits of Neuromodulation Therapy

The residential area of West Los Angeles is abruptly adopting neuromodulation to treat mental health disorders. You should visit a West Los Angeles neuromodulation specialist if you suffer from any mental health affliction.

Neurological activity primarily comprises chemical and electrical processes. Changes to the processes can lead to an imbalance in the brain leading to disorders such as depression, anxiety, and ADHD.

Neuromodulation therapy is a new form of treatment that has arisen due to developments in accuracy when mapping the human brain. The therapy involves delivering modifying chemical and electrical agents to certain areas of the brain.

Compared to traditional forms of therapy, neuromodulation has several advantages including:

1.  Less Use of Drugs

Using neuromodulation therapy significantly reduces the use of drug therapy to alleviate mental health disorders. The drugs are dangerous to humans in several ways.

One benefit of using fewer drugs in therapy is that there are fewer adverse side effects. Some medicines have very strong side effects that may do the patient more harm than good.

Another reason why neuromodulation therapy is a great alternative to drug therapy is that there is less chance of addiction. The current opioid epidemic in the United States is proof enough of the addictive strength of such drugs.

Some drugs also create a toxic environment in the body which makes it easier to contract other diseases.

2.  Targeted Therapy

The traditional method of therapy involves a process of elimination to find the cause of the issue which takes time and is largely inefficient. The opposite is the case with neuromodulation therapy.

Neuromodulation therapy targets a specific area of the brain. There are many benefits to doing so including less use of chemical and electrical agents that affect the brain and may have serious side effects.

Another benefit is that the treatment is very effective. Since it only targets a specific part of the brain, it is easier to observe the results and be more efficient in treatment.

3.  Reversible

Neuromodulation therapy involves using certain agents to target specific areas of the brain. These agents can be extracted from the brain if they are not achieving the desired result.

The reversible nature of neuromodulation therapy is a great benefit because it helps avoid the systemic issues that some irreversible therapies possess. Therefore, it is not only a more efficient form of therapy, it is also a safer alternative when compared to other methods.

4.  Cost-Effective

In the long run, neuromodulation therapy will be more cost-effective than traditional forms of therapy. It is especially so if neuromodulation therapy is done early on in life.

The traditional form of therapy used to treat mental health disorders is psychotherapy. Psychotherapy usually takes years where you not only pay the psychiatrist but also the pharmacy to fill your prescriptions.

After several years, such forms of therapy can amount to a substantial amount of payment. On the other hand, a few sessions of neuromodulation therapy should address the chemical imbalance in the brain and resolve the issue.

It may seem expensive in the short term but in the long term, your bank account will thank you.

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