Among the many laptop brands available on the market, what do you think you want to have between Windows PC and Macbook? Surely you are thinking of owning a Macbook.

MacBook is a netbook based on MacOS. It is different from Windows PC. However, Windows PCs are more popular than Macbooks. Just because Windows PC is more popular, it does not mean that Windows PC is better than MacOS. For the best prices on MacBooks in Sri Lanka, check out the range at

Somehow, many people choose Macbook for some reasons which you can’t find on Windows PC. Is Macbook is better than Windows PC? You can support the following reasons why Macbook is better than Windows PC.

  1. Elegant and exclusive

Supposing there are a Macbook and a Windows PC laptop on a table, which one would you see for the first time? Of course, you will choose a Macbook.

MacBook users are not as many as other laptops. The operating system (OS) or MacOS already shows the exclusive side of the Macbook. So when you use it, you will feel proud because Macbook looks more elegant and different from regular PCs.

  1. Free from viruses

This is one of the main advantages of the Macbook. Compared to Windows or Linux-based laptops, Unix-based Macbooks are known to have very tight security against viruses. MacBook OS has a series of strong safeguards against various viruses.

There was a rumor about malware that had attacked the Macbook. But Apple reacted quickly by providing their defense updates through the latest OS.

Thus, different from Windows-based laptops, you don’t have to bother installing an antivirus on a Macbook laptop. The available OS is strong enough to block all kinds of virus attacks.

  1. No eend to shutdown frequently

This special feature may not be available on Windows PC. MacBook is not required to be shut down frequently.

When you are done using the Macbook, just close the screen. Likewise, when going to use it, just open the screen and you can work right away.

This special feature can be done because Macbook has a very fast wake up and sleep system. Likewise, when opening the application, the loading process is very fast compared to Windows PC. However, you can still shut down your MacBook if you wish.

  1. Simple with stylish design

Different from other netbooks, the appearance of the Macbook design actually looks simple. Although simple, the Macbook is still elegant. One of the factors is its thin design and it is also light to carry.

Even the Macbook Air was once claimed to be the thinnest laptop ever made by humans. This thin and simple design has become a characteristic that other laptops cannot imitate.

In addition, the cover material for the Macbook is made of top-notch aluminum. This material is what makes the Macbook a lightweight laptop.

However, even though it is light, the strength of aluminum is still better than the plastic that is widely used by laptops in general.

This aluminum material and thin design is the perfect combination to create a luxurious and elegant impression. This is what makes Macbook laptops always attract attention when used in a crowd.

In conclusion, generally both MacBook and Windows Netbooks are great devices that have some advantages and disadvantages. If you want to have a netbook with a luxurious look, you can choose MacBook. Meanwhile, Windows PC is more suitable for playing games. If you want to use netbooks for work, then you can choose a netbook which is more practical but it is still powerful.

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