Are Lyric hearing aids safe?

What are they?

The Lyric hearing aids, also referred to as invisible hearing aids, are the first fully ear-mounted, extended life hearing aid to provide a discreet, effective hearing solution. Lyric hearing aids are designed to be used without having to be removed for up to four months, so you can consider it a thing of the past to replace costly batteries on a regular basis. Lyric Hearing Aids are located entirely within the ear canal, unlike other forms and brands of hearing aids, and can also use the anatomy of the ear to help provide indicators of natural sound quality and localisation.

The Lyric hearing aids are invisible, put completely in the ear canal by a qualified hearing specialist from Lyric. Only the patient can understand why he / she hears better. During everyday tasks, such as showering, sleeping or exercising, Lyric hearing aids may be worn. No batteries are charged, there is no daily servicing and no daily insertion or removal. Lyric hearing aids provide excellent sound quality without the need for several channels or settings, using the outer ear to direct sound into the ear canal.

Lyric hearing aids come in a variety of sizes and colours to ensure that they fit the preferences, specifications and types of individuals. Lyrics, which are put in the ear, are considered to be one of the most discreet hearing aids, but Lyric is small enough to be almost invisible. Lyric hearing aids are common since many conventional hearing aids can absorb and process sound from outside the ear, as they offer a natural listening experience.

But are they safe to use? 

Since 2001, in hundreds of clinical research patients, Lyric has been extensively studied. There were no records obtained by the organization of severe complications during 13 years of clinical surveillance. In general, transient ear canal skin inflammation resolves within 3-14 days and patients may continue to use their lyrics. For more than 7 days, see your healthcare provider if you feel any pain or discomfort at all. In 2007, Lyric hearing aids were officially introduced and have since been successfully worn by more than 25,000 patients. Note; Specific instances occur when improperly-fit hearing aids can pose a risk to your hearing. To compensate for your particular hearing loss, if they’re set to be louder than they need to be, then the sound levels will cause noise harm. This can occur more frequently when hearing aids are purchased online.

Lyric Hearing Aids may be worn for months at a time, but it is advised that individual replacement criteria differ depending on the battery life of the individual and the system as it is subject to individual ear conditions, hearing loss level and noise level of the environment. More than simply making you hear, hearing aids do more. Hearing aids also help you remain fit and active in your brain. Several clinical studies have shown that hearing aids will protect the brain from cognitive impairment and keep it fit.

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