All About the M5 Band, the Newest Version of Sports Smartband

Introducing the latest wearable sports tracker, the M5 band is the latest released product of smart bands after success with the M4 band products.  In case you are not familiar with a smartband, it is similar to a smartwatch.  If you pay close attention to their details, you will find differences in the designs carried by any smartwatch and smart band. You can find smart watches and fitness band prices in Sri Lanka at quite low compared to other areas.

What are the differences between the two, smartwatch and smart band?  At first glance, you can see that the smartwatch is designed to be more stylish than a smart band, with an attractive and elegant appearance.  Thus, any smartwatch model is usually designed and intended for those of you who want a stylish and wearable device for everyday use, such as for business meetings, or just to hang out with some friends.

Meanwhile, smart band models are made with the designs that tend to be simpler and prioritize comfort.  As a wearable device, it focuses on tracking the health and wellness of the owner, as well as to be designed comfortable when worn on the wrist.  Thus, a smart band is lightweight and made of rubber straps, where you will feel like you are wearing nothing on your wrist, even when you wear it to sleep.

More on the M5 band, it is actually a fitness tracker wristband for both Androids and IOS users.  All you need to do once you purchase a smartband for your health device, is to activate the app via the Bluetooth Smart Wristband on your smartphone.  Then, you will need to follow the setting instructions, and you’re all set.

Therefore, technology is growing rapidly and this makes all smartband producers to be more creative in creating a more sophisticated wristband version to support human needs.  This M5 band product in general is present in your convenience in order to help you record your activities in your everyday lives.

By large, any smartband brands have similar wearable band designs, but with slightly different functions here and there.  But, the general function of any smartband is a sensor that sends information to a smartphone.  This information will include a tracking device about the heart rate, the number of steps or even to track the burned calories of its users.

So, these are some of the functions of the M5 band.

  • Treadmill: showing your treadmill movement efficiently.
  • Heart rate: showing current monitor heart rate.
  • Mileage: Showing your distance and steps.
  • Heat: Showing your heat movement.
  • Sleep monitoring: Monitoring your quality of sleep at night while sleeping.

Next, let’s take a closer look at several of the general features of all M5 band models.

  • Fitness tracker— counting your step numbers, calculating your distance movement by walking or running, and counting the number of calories you burned.
  • Style support— to support your overall fashion and confidence when wearing a good smartband.
  • Notification alert— displaying notifications of messages or incoming calls from your smartphone.

So, now you know almost all about a smartband, the M5 band, in particular.  The M5 band is a great choice to have by the end of the year!

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