Achieving Quality and Quantity in Plant Yields with DNA Mills Nutrients

As a biomineral fertilizer, Mills Nutrients provides DNA nutrients to plants through its combination of organic and synthetic nutrients. This combination allows for versatility in the growing system while continually creating top results regardless of the chosen cultivation system. In this way, growers can optimize their yield and growth rate, while producing spectacular flavour and aroma.

The use of purely mineral fertilizers can result in the accumulation of salts around the roots. This causes a decrease in nutrient uptake, overall yield, and microorganism activity, eventually resulting in the complete loss of nutrients in the soil. By comparison, the Mills line contains far fewer nutrients salts than the competing synthetic lines. As a result, the growing medium remains activated, triggering a symbiotic relationship between the plant and soil, where plant nutrient rich discharge is sent back into the growth medium.

The simplicity of the two-part base and three additive system developed makes it easy to use for all growers. When combined according to growth chart instructions it provides plants with everything needed to grow to maximum potential.

DNA Mills Nutrients Key Benefits:

-Necessary microelements enhance nutrient absorption.

-Increase photosynthesis activity

-Amplified cell division and protein composition generate lavishly rich and abundant growth.

-Delivery of water and nutrients within the plant is optimized.

-Increases plant vitality and improves yield, flavour, and aromas.

-Stimulates the plant’s immune system limiting the use of pesticides.

– The wide-ranging pH options make it suitable for use in all mediums and watering systems.

-The two-part base requires only one additive (Start-R, C4, and Ultimate PK) at any stage making implementation simple.

The DNA nutrients have been extensively developed and examined through years of laboratory research and field application, by a wide range of growers, and has been ushered in with extensive praise from the growing community.

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