Hydroponics is the process of growing, crops, plants or whatever else, without ever having to get your fingers dirty and plant something into a patch of soil. The method instead, relies on water, which must contain the required canna nutrients in order for the given crop to get everything it needs to grow. There are many different setups and systems that people employ for hydroponics and the process can take place on an industrial or small scale.

Advantages of Hydroponics

The advantage is of course, for those people who simply don’t have a garden with any soil, it allows them to be able to grow crops. In addition to this, the process can often require less monitoring than a more conventional method. There is no more worrying about the right soil pH or the amount of naturally occurring nutrients, simply making sure the correct proportions are being fed to the plant with the hydroponics system, this is a more scientific approach to growing plants. A Hydroponics shop will often stock everything required to get started growing your crops without soil.

Disadvantages of Hydroponics

The disadvantages will be that it is a more complex method. It is not as simple as buying some bulbs and simply letting them grow in the soil by planting and watering them, there is a science behind it and advice should be sought by beginners who are looking to implement such a system. There are many different systems that exist and that can be set up, with lots of different components needed.

The main disadvantage is also to do with the high capital or start-up costs that are associated with hydroponics. A Hydroponics shop is normally not cheap and components needed, such as grow lights, in order to simulate the sunlight when the crops are inside grow tents, or even grow kits which typically contain lots of items ready to get started for the beginner.

The process costs that are to be incurred can also be a lot more, as a constant flow of water and a good irrigation system is needed. As well as this, electricity costs for any lighting needed is another thing that will continually cost money for a hydroponics system.

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