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Are you looking for an open healing space with a conducive environment for physical transformation? Shift Wellness Center is the answer to all your needs. They have pure knowledge that life is unpredictable, and health is a changing spectrum of wellness. If you are looking for a New York, NY health & wellness center, the specialists at Shift Wellness are highly trained and experienced in providing various health care services. The clinic provides curated services like personal training, rehabilitation, chiropractic care, weight loss, sports medicine, and telehealth. The human body has criteria for changing moods and feelings as does the client needs physical therapy to cater to nagging pain. Another might need a different service like a massage to relax the muscles. The pricing at the facility is pocket-friendly, and the staff is devoted to providing quality services. Apart from curated services, the clinic also offers the following services: headaches, back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, chronic pain, sports medicine, and telehealth.


Headaches are a common disorder messing with more than 15 percent of the American population. Headache can either be primary or secondary headaches. Primary headaches are due to a problem in the structure of the head and neck. Secondary headaches are caused by underlying health conditions of the body like sinus congestion or spines complication. After an evaluation of the cause of headaches, therapy is prescribed to correct the disorder. Message physical therapy, chiropractic, and medicine are used to treat a headache.

Sports medicine

Sports medicine is a field of medicine focusing much on preventing and treating sports injuries. Athletes, student-athletes, and professional players tend to be at the risk of getting acute injuries due to physical stress on muscles and tendons. Common sports injuries include fractures, bursitis ligament tears, muscle tear, tendonitis, and strains. Commonly, many injuries related to sports are named after the sport causing them, for example, golfers’ elbow, tennis elbow, swimmer’s shoulder.

Back pain

Back pain is the uncomfortableness on the back part of the body due to arthritis, sciatica, bone fractures, ligament sprains, muscle strains, and spinal stenosis. Back pain symptoms include a low range of motion, difficulty sitting, a tendency to slouch, and sharp pain upon movement. Treatment for back pain includes manual therapy, fracture care, therapeutic ultrasound, physical therapy, and injections.

Shoulder pain

Shoulders are the most mobile joints on a human body and are thus prone to injuries due to these numerous motions. The shoulder is made of a network of bones, muscles, and tendons. Common shoulder injuries include fractures, instability, impingement, arthritis, tendonitis, rotator cuff tears, and bursitis. Symptoms of shoulder injuries are shoulder pain, numbness, tingling sensation in the arms, and generally a weak shoulder.

Shift Wellness is a giant firm with well-organized departments that include physical therapy, personal training, massage therapy, Norma tec recovery, and an infrared sauna. They work together to give effective services to satisfy client’s needs. Suppose you are suffering from the above disorders or need any extra special services related to services offered, you need to seek assistance from the clinic. Their staff is experienced so welcomingly. They will work hand to hand with you to fulfill your set goal. You can book an online appointment to see a specialist. The facility is located in Union Square, New York.

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