A great game for getting more assists

One way in which to determine if your forwards and attacking support positions are doing well is to look at the amount of assists they have each match. It’s not just the success of the goal scorers you need to celebrate but those players who are passing accurately to the goal scorer are also incredibly important. These are the players who act unselfishly, setting up goals all over the place but never revelling in the glory. Here are some great tips for increasing assists amongst your team.

To be able to create more chaesnc on the pitch, it’s important that your training includes plenty of opportunity to experience the best set ups, smart passes and creating effective play around the goal.

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This is an ideal training game which practices the benefits of having two attack types – central and wide. Placing an extra attacker in the centre will force the team to work together on fast combinations in centre regions. Placing extra players out wide has the effect of forcing players to create wider passes where crosses can them be made into the opposition’s box. For more inspiration and training drills, see the Football and Soccer Training drills available at www.sportplan.net/drills/Football/Passing-and-Receiving/Beat-the-Runner-F602071.jsp

How to set up the game

You’ll need a space of about 50×40 yards containing four marked out squares, two in each half close to the centre line. It can be played with 14 players and requires two normal goals.

How to play

You’ll need two teams of six plus two goalkeepers. Using each of the four marked out zones, play a 2v1 keep ball for a minute until shouting out the following instructions:
1. Zone one balls – players must get together in two 3v3s in their half. The team with the ball gets to attack the goal in the half.
2. The same as step one but using the zone 2 balls. The teams with the ball complete their attack but only have 10 seconds to complete their move.
3. Playing in a 6v6, use all of the four balls and decide which way they’ll be shooting. Keep play going until all four balls are dead and the team with the most goals from all three steps wins the challenge.

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This game is great for working on individual skills and for team communication. You’ll find out who takes the lead and who is quick to exploit the space available.

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