7 Ways Amethyst Changes Our Lives

Amethyst Stone is the birthstone for the Pisces also called as birthstone of February. It has been holding its significance as the prized gem for many centuries. This amethyst gemstone is best gift for the sixth marriage anniversary. The literal meaning of the word amethyst in Greek is ‘sober’. So it is believed to prevent the wearer from becoming a drunken, and reduces the drinking habits.

Amethyst has different beliefs in different religion. It is believed to be worn on bishop’s ring in the Christian church. This gemstone used to be in the royal collection in the ancient times. It used be a rare gemstone and the price was so expensive. But nowadays, its presence has increased and the price has decreased. But the power and religious belief has been the same.

Sources of Amethyst:

As the amethyst from different places has its unique form. And the sources are also limited for mining the amethyst. The sources of the amethyst are: Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico, Namibia, Zambia, South Africa, Madagascar, Canada, and the United States. The special green amethyst is produced from Brazil, Minas Gerais where the mining takes place.

Amethyst has been gaining more popularity nowadays, because of its beautiful texture as well as astrological benefits. Using the amethyst in the ring, necklace, pendants, and bracelets has become a trending fashion nowadays. Besides it holds immense mystical powers. The energy developing and balancing the flow of energy helps in different aspects of living, in which the major ones are mentioned below:

  1. Amethyst is the ‘sober’ stone. It controls the habit of drinking alcohol and wine and lets the wearer to become sober. It has the unique vibration that causes the wearer, always to be far from the alcohols.
  2. Balancing the chakra: Amethyst gemstone releases the power and energy that balances the crown chakra of the wearer. After keeping this gemstone near to your body in any form of jewelry, you will never experience the disturbance in crown chakra. Also the stone is responsible for the balancing of the bow chakra. Bow chakra is also called as the third eye. The bow chakra helps in our perception and our sight in the world’s activities.
  3. Healing and balancing energy: amethyst gemstone is also called ‘all healers’. For the emotional and mental breakdown, the gemstone helps in healing the wearer. It has the immense spiritual energy.
  4. Spiritual energy: amethyst gemstone has the power that diverts the spirits in higher dimensions. It acts as the bridge to connect the human soul with the divine spiritual energy. It helps in the spiritual enlightenment.
  5. Meditation: Amethyst is one of the best gemstone out there for the meditation. Keeping the crystal in the hand or pocket during meditation boosts your concentration and focus. It relaxes the senses and increases the awareness. Keep the crystal in the left hand during meditation to flow the energy from the stone to your body and mind.
  6. Amethyst is also believed to create a romantic environment where you can attract your loved ones. In ancient time men used the energy from this stone to make their loved ones to fall in love with them.
  7. The different colored amethyst has different guardian angels. Following are the color respective to the guardian angels:
Date of Birth

January 16 – Jan 20

Color of amethyst

Dark Amethyst

Guardian Angel


February 15 – February 19 Amethyst Manake
February 25 – February 29 Amethyst Habuhian
April 26 – April 30 Amethyst Cahatel
July 17 – July 22 Dark Amethyst Hahaiah
Sept 18 – Sept 23 Violet Menadel
Oct 29 – Nov 2 Lt Amethyst Ielahiah
Nov 23 – Nov 27 Amethyst Vahuel


Special care for the Amethyst:

The beautiful amethyst must be cared and protected properly. The continuous exposure of the sunlight in the stone deteriorates its beautiful color. Always be extremely cautious for the use of chemicals in the stone. The chemicals used in the household cleaning purpose are harmful for the amethyst.

As amethyst is hard substance so it can be cleaned by the soap and warm water. Ti retain the beautiful color of the amethyst, it must be cleaned time and again.


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