5 Ideas for Busy Business Owners Looking to Unwind in Kentucky

Burnout is a problem that shouldn’t be taken lightly by business owners both big and small.

However, this is perhaps even more true for those who work from home.

Think about it. Although we might have the luxury of working on our own terms and setting our own hours, it’s easy to overlook symptoms of being overworked and otherwise falling behind. Under the impression that it’s just “business as usual,” burnout typically creeps up on us in the worst way.

The good news? Beating burnout doesn’t have to be a major ordeal, especially for those of us in the South. Something as simple as a weekend trip can work wonders and make you feel invigorated: this rings true for native Kentuckians and tourists alike.

The Bluegrass State is a prime place to unwind and otherwise beat burnout symptoms, but the question remains: what makes for a great weekend getaway? Below are five ideas to help ease some of your stress.

Go Camping

Between so many things to do in the great outdoors to the state’s stellar state park scene, camping is most definitely the way to go whether you want relaxation or adventure.

From brilliant mountain views and hiking at Natural Bridge to fishing and swimming at Cumberland Falls, any nature encounter you could possibly hope for can be found in Kentucky.

For those who need to double-dip business and pleasure, consider also that there are tons of RV-friendly campgrounds throughout the state. Through services such as Outdoorsy, you can find an RV with the amenities of home that allow you to do business intermittently throughout your trip. Furthermore, you can even RV camp at Churchill Downs, smack dab in Louisville and the famed site of Kentucky Derby.

Hit Up the Bourbon Trail

Nothing like a proper drink to calm your nerves, right?

Hey, even if you’re not the biggest fan of whiskey, the Kentucky Bourbon Trail represents a one-of-a-kind look at one of the state’s most famous exports. The trail not only allows you to an awesome opportunity to explore Kentucky along the way but also sample bourbon at Jim Beam, Wild turkey and Evan Williams distilleries just to name a few.

Again, the trail isn’t just about the booze: it’s an excuse to go on an adventure. In fact, there are multi-day bike tours of the Bourbon Trail available in addition to tons of state parks in the vicinity of the distilleries. In short, the trail a prime option for the campers and those who are looking for a break between their time outdoors.

Check Out the Thoroughbreds

Beyond the world of bourbon, the state of Kentucky is synonymous with horses and horse-racing. As such, there are tons of farms and tracks worth checking out. Including…

  • Kentucky Horse Park, boasting everything from an equine museum to opportunities to get up close and feed retired thoroughbreds
  • Dream Chase Farm, the tour of which also provides encounters with former Kentucky Derby champions in addition to miniature horse and donkeys
  • Keeneland, where you can catch a proper race at some gorgeously well-kept grounds

Go on a Foodie Frenzy

Perhaps we’re stating the obvious, but there’s so much more to Kentucky cuisine than the likes of KFC. Throughout your travels or as part of your very own foodie tour of the state, make sure you try some local spots serving up some of the best food in Kentucky including…

  • Hot Brown, the state’s open-faced turkey sandwich that’s still served today at the Brown Hotel
  • Hoppin’ John, a southern staple and unique take on traditional peas and rice
  • Burgoo, a popular stew that can be found at just about any major public event throughout the state

They don’t call it comfort food for nothing, right? If you can find a mom and pop shop to try these dishes, they’re just about guaranteed to hit the spot.

Fall in Love with Downtown Louisville

Last but not least, don’t neglect what civilization has to offer if you find yourself in Louisville proper. The metro area and close proximity to the University of Louisville provide plenty of culture and places to get some remote work done. Meanwhile, downtown’s bustling bar scene and myriad of museums provide places to pass the time no matter what your taste might be.

If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed with your business, don’t fret just yet. A Kentucky getaway is just the ticket to help you regain your focus and get back on track on your entrepreneurial journey. Regardless of what you’re looking for in pursuit of relaxation, you’ll find it here.


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