4 Challenges Elderly People Living Alone Struggle With

Research shows that a growing number of elderly people end up living alone for a variety of reasons. Maintaining a household is becoming a real chore in this case. As people age, they find it hard to perform all those endless household tasks they were effortlessly handling when they were younger.

From remembering to take their medication to installing an old person alarm system, here are some of the top challenges of seniors living on their own.

The danger of tripping and falling

Deteriorating eyesight and general muscle weakness occur naturally as we age. Risk of tripping over and falling down becomes a very real concern for older people living on their own. Worse still, there might not be someone to alert in order to get help quickly. Installing handrails and ramps is one of the first things to do that can instantly help an elderly person to get a better grip of all the space around.

Home safety and timely healthcare

Being able to quickly check any suspicious activity in the house is challenging for an elderly person. From burglary to fire, anything can happen anytime, so there has to be a better way to help seniors to respond quickly.

An old person alarm system is definitely a handy answer to this issue. It acts as a “red button”, making it easy for seniors to alert friends or authorities that they are in trouble. They can even set up reminders to take their medication on time and take off the strain of forgetting about healthcare. This way, seniors are also more aware of the developing symptoms that are important to report on to their doctors.

Household maintenance

Household maintenance can be a chore at the best of times, and especially so for an elderly person living alone. Cleaning, cooking, disposing of the garbage and sourcing grocery supplies becomes an everyday struggle. Inability to attend to these tasks in a way a person was used to often causes anxiety and depression which negatively impacts the overall health. Social workers and volunteers might be of real help in this case.

Lack of social interaction

Seniors living alone often end up having less frequent contacts with the rest of the world. As a result, they get overwhelmed with a feeling of loneliness and depression. Their friends, authorities or relatives must go an extra mile to make sure that aged people are engaged in some local socializing activities and there is always someone to check on them on a regular basis.

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