3 ways how a lawyer can help you in case of Trademark discrepancies

The significance of trademark is massive when it comes to keeping your organization’s reputation safe in this saturated business environment of the twenty-first century. Registering a trademark for your company name can offer you with multiple benefits which might include company security, having a proper license, securing the brand, maintaining a proper reputation and many more. A substantial percentage of the companies have their company names registered and it is quite a wise step if you have just launched your business in the market. However this article is going to help discuss how a legal professional can assist you to avoid a trademark mismatch or find an appropriate resolution to it.

Relevance with another Trademark

Similarity with some other trademark is quite a common issue that several organizations experience nowadays. Small to large scale organizations face several issues with their trademark registration and one of the leading reasons behind is that the number of organizations are at a significant rise and along with the that the chances of trademark similarity is also increasing. Trademarks also get rejected sometimes and this is because of the relevance or similarity of one company trademark characteristics with another.  According to the Companies Act, 2013, an organization name cannot be relevant to the title of a prevailing organization or trademark or LLP.

Now, the question is what you do when the trademark of your company turns out to be similar with the name of another company trademark. There are definitely ways in which you can help yourself but if you are a newbie in all these aspects, the wisest move would be to simply hire a trademark attorney. A trademark attorney as a professional in the respective field shall provide you with endless assistance and guidance when it comes to multiple aspects. They can offer guidance with sending a request, performing a tm search, filing the trademark report to many more. The best part is that you will be attaining a whole-cycled assistance from your lawyer and briefly demonstrated below are three of the many ways in which your trademark attorney can help you out with a trademark mismatch issue.


  • Preparing a Deceptive Trademark Application


The objection is raised under section 9 if an examiner detects that the particular trademark is unreliable. To solve that particular problem, the next significant step is to file a deceptive trademark application properly and a lawyer can do that for you.


  • Offering full-fledged assistance with paper works


You will need to fill up several forms, complete formalities, arrange the documents, pay the application fees and get them approved from multiple authorities. If you want to shrug-off responsibilities from your shoulder, a trademark layer is the best option you have.


  • Understanding the rejections rose against your trademark


Responding to the trademark objections is a lengthy and intricate process if you do not have any past experience in the field. The process involves several detailed steps and one needs to understand them quite carefully and a trademark lawyer is the best person to help you out with the analyzing part and beyond. You will need certain significant documents, knowledge about affidavit of usage, similar case laws and relevant perquisites all of which a lawyer will organize properly for you. One of the most intricate parts that the attorney shall handle on behalf of you is drafting of the whole thing. The drafting needs to be clear, precise and neat which is nearly impossible to be accomplished without a trademark lawyer.

Just because there has been an objection raised, it does not indicate you will ways have to withdraw the particular trademark and especially if it has been decided and registered with honestly and transparency. There are definitely ways in which you can resolve the matter tio clear the confusing and get your confusion cleared.


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