Hemorrhoid (Piles) – Symptoms, Types,Causes & Treatment

When some specific veins are getting enlarged & swollen, then these are considered as the hemorrhoids. Mainly these types of veins are available in the outer area of the anus. Sometimes it starts taking place in the lower rectum, it creates lots of uncomfortable conditions for the patient.

Everyone is trying to find an expert for hemorrhoid (piles) treatment in Singapore. The way of online sources makes it much easier and provides several options. Upcoming can help you in getting deep details related to the diseases and lots of other factors.

Symptoms of hemorrhoid

The individuals those are facing hemorrhoids they can see numerous symptoms regarding all these things. One of the main symptoms of piles is blood in the toilet bowl. It creates the biggest doubt in front of the individuals. Now I’m going to mention some other symptoms.

·         The patients may face itchy conditions in the anal area

·         Some lumps with lots of pain in around the anus area

·         Bowel time period is full of pain

·         When a patient is going to sit then, high pain occurs

·         Blood in bright red color in the bowel place

In case you are facing these types of conditions then immediately visit the experts’ clinic. By visiting the clinic, you can consult with an expert regarding the issues and ask for providing a perfect solution.

Types of hemorrhoid

If we talk about the treatment of issue then, first of all, individuals are required to find out the type of hemorrhoid. Following are some types of hemorrhoid.

  • Internal hemorrhoid

These types of hemorrhoid are mainly occurring inside the rectum area. No one is able to see these hemorrhoids easily. It cannot hurt the patient as much as external ones. These types of piles are also bleeding.

  • External hemorrhoid

You can easily see that types of piles outside the area of the anus. These are creating itching and painful conditions for the patients.

Causes of hemorrhoid

Most of the individuals are trying to know that what the reasons of piles are. There are numerous things available those are encouraging the piles and several other things. Sometimes, the piles are taking place due to some other health issues such as –

·         Diet does not include the proper amount of fiber

·         Overweight is pressurizing the tissues of hemorrhoid and creates issues

·         Aging effects are also becoming a reason for these types of issues

·         During the pregnancy time period, there is lots of pressure released on the veins. It may become a reason for piles

All these are creating the issues by which an individual can get affected with the piles.

Treatment for hemorrhoid

Everyone wants to treat the disease quickly, and for it, they are finding the best hemorrhoid (piles) treatment in Singapore. For such a task, they need to follow the way of proper medication. All these things can be possible by choosing the way of an expert. You should try to find out a professional who has lots of knowledge and experience in treating these types of issues.

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