Why is Webnode so useful for websites?

Webnode is a drag-and-drop website developer with a vast theme library that supports anything from food service companies to advisors. Its live preliminary theme allows users to select their website’s ideal look. It comes with a 15-day free trial and has over 22 million platform-based consumer websites. If you want to create a smashing business website that needs no coding, consider Webnode.

Ideal for children.

Webnode is a great choice for anyone looking to grow an impressive website easily with simple additional features, such as web analytics and advertising support.

In addition to some specific functions to support Ecommerce, the Webnode enhances the broad variety of other uses through which it developed themes—from websites for consultants to weddings and freelance portfolios.

Why Go For Why

Although Webnode is not the best known website editor, it is a seasoned and mature product which has been active since 2008. It is also very cost-effective: the standard limited package only costs $3.95 a month and provides users with 100 MB of storage and 1 GB of bandwidth.

This choice makes a great deal of sense if you want to create an impressive and professional website without the budget to employ a web developer.Get more info in this Webnode Reviewby Webpagescientist.

Characteristics of Webnode

Editing of several users

Webnode users can also invite other product users on their websites to collaborate with them as long as they have a Webnode account. This feature is incredibly useful for groups that want to work together on their site—or customers and organisations who need to build a website in synergy.

Domain and Maintenance of Email

Using Webnode, users can access fundamental website administration features such as email addresses and domain management. This prevents users from mastering more complex technologies, such as the C-panel used to manage websites. There are no complicated technical entries or files to set up to provide simple features, such as DNS entries.


Webnode contains SEO configuration that allows users to enter meta tags and keywords for each page generated. This makes it easier to collect content in search engines. Combined with the drag and drop editor which simplifies the creation of new pages, webnode is the perfect tool for creating web pages that look good and that bring visitors together.

Editor Header and Effects

To enhance the content of the site, additional users may add photos and effects to boost the page’s appearance. These may be static images or interactive effects, such as filter and colour overlays.

More reasons for selecting a Webnode

  • The content editor of Webnode is completely drag-and-drop. In order to achieve the desired look, users simply need to rearrange the text and elements visually.

Webnode helps users to monitor the design and technological and SEO configuration of their websites in a simple dashboard. Multiple service providers should not be involved just to get a simple website online.

  • Webnode also features a dedicated Ecommerce platform which enables users to develop web stores online. Features in terms of ecommerce include inventory management, display optimization and an order management system.
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