is the process of uplifting or leveling a concrete surface by pumping grout through the concrete. This process of correcting concrete surfaces is also called “slabjacking and “pressure grouting.” This process can be used to repair concrete structures at warehouses, roads, airports, highways, factories, private homes, commercial buildings, and other infrastructure. This method is so much cheaper and faster than replacing the concrete.

Mudjacking is better than concrete replacement in many ways such as:

  • Cost effective: Mudjacking costs less than half the cost of slab replacement. Materials used in this process are sand, cement, fly ash, and other additives which are not very expensive.
  • Can last longer: Slab replacement doesn’t fill air voids in the soil because of which there is a possibility of sinking again soon. Whereas during the mudjacking process these voids are filled. Because of which repair lasts longer and concrete became much stable and secure.
  • No need to wait: Unlike concrete replacement, the mudjacking process may take upto 2-3 hours for normal structures.

How to avoid this problem

The foundation becomes unstable due to the settlement of soil underneath a house or building.  Whether it is because of natural causes or negligence of builder concrete sink happens. The use of fill dirt alongside the foundation is the most common reason for concrete sinks.

You can avoid this by installing granular fill such as a sand and gravel mix instead of fill dirt.

One solution for all your foundation repair needs

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