When to Stop Using a Baby Monitor


It’s natural for every parent to be overprotective or too concerned for their baby. You would not want your precious angel to get out of your sight, even for a moment. Luckily, we have baby monitors to help us with just that. Using one makes it easier for the parents to get a good night’s sleep or rest while the monitor looks after the baby. 

However, at some point, we may be compelled to wonder when to stop using a baby monitor? In other words, to what extent should we depend on baby monitors? 

Is there any standard for the age after which we should consider putting a halt to monitoring our child? Let’s explore these queries further to get some answers. 


What’s the right age?

First of all, babymonitorsrev.com says you should know there is no specific age limit associated with the use of baby monitors. You generally require monitoring your child when he/she frequently wakes up at night or at any other time of the day. Since you are uncertain when the child wakes, you can use a baby monitor to notify you. 

Now this unpredictable schedule of babies waking up at random times is common for those under 6 months of age. Babies this little require feeding very often, usually after the span of every few hours. Therefore, your baby wakes up from sleep very often. A way to know the right time to stop using a baby monitor depends upon two major questions.



  • Does your child sleep the entire night?


After the age of 6 months, the child is usually old enough to have a whole night’s sleep without getting up. This means you can start worrying less about the child waking up randomly at night and start crying. Moreover, even if the child does get up, he can cry loud enough to wake you up as well to call for help. Therefore, you can tend the little fellow as soon as you hear him crying and not depend entirely on the baby monitor to always alert you. 


  • Can you hear your child from across the rooms?


Another way to get assurance about when to stop using a baby monitor is when your child’s voice is audible across the rooms. This way, you know that the child can let you know when the help is needed. You can start by noting how often you need the baby monitor. After two weeks of not needing it, you can consider turning it off for good. 



Roughly speaking, 6 months seems to be the right age, after which you can consider stopping using a baby monitor. Let the baby have a sense of independence and allow him to learn calling for help himself. Doing so will make the baby more consistent in his sleep and develop better sleeping habits. Also, it will let you have a sense of relief and get good sleep at night.



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