When should you see a urologist? Find here!

Contrary to what many people believe, urologists treat both male and female patients alike. A urologist specializes in treatment of conditions and diseases related to the urinary system and male reproductive system. People with kidney stones and other renal diseases often have to see urologists for regular treatment. There are some amazing urologists working in New York, and finding one doesn’t have to be hard, thanks to Google. So, when should you see a urologist in Queens New York? Here’s an overview of the basic aspects. 

Look for the symptoms

There are a few symptoms that clearly indicate issues related to the urinary system. The first one is a sudden and consistent change in urine color. If you find blood in your urine, it could be a more serious issue. Pain or burning sensation during urination could be a sign of urinary tract infection, called UTI. Incontinence is one more reason for seeing a urologist. You may have other signs and symptoms too, such as pain in the lower abdomen and constipation. Ignoring these symptoms can only cause further pain and suffering. 

Meeting a urologist

Most people have urinary system concerns after the age of 50, but you can see a urologist anytime you have a concern. The first meeting is about discussing your symptoms, and your urologist will advise on the diagnostic tests and examinations needed for diagnosis. In the case of male patients, doctors may even recommend cancer screening, depending on the symptoms. 

Procedures commonly done by urologists

Urologists can carry out a bunch of investigative and diagnostic tests, including cystoscopy and ureteroscopy. For cancer testing, a urologist can also do prostate biopsy. Urologists are also trained to do vasectomy. In addition to all that, urologists also offer other treatments related to conditions of the urinary system. 

Get a prostate test done

Men should ideally see a urologist at the age of 40 for a prostate test, which is the best way to detect prostate cancer in time. 

Final word

Urinary problems can get worse without treatment. No matter whether you are just worried about your renal conditions or need help with unexpected symptoms, visiting a urologist can help. Just make sure that you find a known urologist with experience, and make sure that you are transparent with your symptoms, regardless of your embarrassment. For women, visiting a urologist is a must for incontinence and bladder-related problems, which only gets worse with age. 

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