What is High And Heavy Shipping all about?

As you can assume from the name itself, High And Heavy Shipping refer to the types of cargo that feature unusual weight and height. Usually, such cargo implies to those shipments, if the height and the weight of the cargo go beyond 4.5 meters, and for the weight, it is beyond the extent of 80 metric tonnes. Thus, such cargoes are gigantic in its literal sense and require handling with specific measures and methodologies.

What are the scopes of services involve with these cargos?

As these cargoes are completely different from the usual shipments, it will automatically demand handling and transportation with adequate care. Providers, offering such type of cargo services, comes with comprehensive solutions like port delivery, palletizing & carting, special surveys, as well as shrink wrap services. In addition, the scope of actions in this regard would also include special surveys & inspections, permits & clearance, carriage inland, with the scopes for special escorting, and the services of driveways. Another important scope of work in this regard is that of the customs formalities. In addition, the provider, dealing with High & heavy cargos, offers customized services and solutions, as needed on a case-to-case basis.

The aspects that deserve special attention while handling these gigantic cargoes

As these cargoes are completely different from the usual loads, obviously, it will demand specialized approach and adequate care, at every stage of the cargo handling process. For instance, special arrangements are to be made for the carting and carriage, so that such gigantic loads can be carried easily between port-to-port. In addition, special care needs to be taken regarding the customs clearance and formalities. Obviously, the load being such massive, the formalities for customs clearance is ought to be widespread. The packaging of the load is another key aspect that demands special attention while handling such cargoes.

As you can make it from the paragraphs above, you require selecting a skilled and experienced provider for handling such cargoes. The provider needs top specializes in handling these cargoes, and should be offering similar services for a fair span of time. Most importantly, the provider needs to have a robust framework for executing all the steps involved in this process.

Ideally, before partnering with a provider, you need to check the reviews on its services and solutions, and you should pair with those providers that enjoy positive reviews in its favor. This will ensure that you are pairing with a reliable provider that can execute the task with optimum perfection.

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