What is ELO Boosting?

ELO boosting is something very different from the normal things like helping the players in-game or anything of the same sort. Helping the people who are playing in an eh game is considered to be cheating in many of the cases and there are some of the games in which a person can help the player but replacing the person and then using your skills are not at all allowed under anything. The people who are not aware of the term ELO boosting have been very far from the world of lol elo boost and this is one of the secret worlds. The boosting has helped many of the players while they are playing and though the game is played among the players and as a single player on either side there are basically two people playing from the single side.

ELO boosting is simple and meaning of the term is depicted from itself and that is boosting up the performance of the players while they are playing. Under this, the player who is being played in the game is being boosted up in the performance by an expert or someone who is well aware of the game. The person who is boosting the game of the player is known as the booster for the game and the actual person who is the player is known by the name of boostee. The booster gets the access of the account of the boostee and then they can play the game for a limit and help the player to enhance their result by their skills and their experience.

The role of the booster is very special and important but at the same time there are some of the restrictions or limitations that are imposed over the booster and the booster is only allowed to play in the game up to a limit until the booster has reached the limit of boosting time and after this, the boostee gets the account back to play and handle the game according to them. As the account of the player is in the hand of the player then the player has its own decision whether they will be staying in the ongoing game or they will be an option for a new game and enjoy the game from the beginning and imply all the things that they have been learning from the booster.

When the booster has been logged in the account of the player then the player is unable to access his account and therefore only one person can get access at the single time. The people who try to login from both the things then the user will either be blocked from the game or they will be stuck in some situation where both of them would not be able to access the account and this would definitely affect the result of the player.


In this article, there is basic to high level detailing of the ELO boosting and what are the things that can be done and whatnot.

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