What is Conflict Analysis?


Well, studying at college means that you will have to deal with tons of complex topics. It is not always easy to find a sample of a well-written affordable paper which is the reason why you need to gather as much useful information as possible. In this article, you will be able to learn more about patterns of conflict analysis. 

Patterns of Conflict was a presentation by Colonel John Boyd in which he showed his theories regarding modern combat and the ways in which one can successfully upset the enemy. The most effective approach is to upset the enemy’s observation-orientation-decision-action-time loop or cycle. It is commonly referred to as OODA loop.

The main aim of the strategy suggested by John Boyd was to confuse the enemy by presenting no tactic. In such a way, it is easier to mislead the enemy as well as to learn more about their intentions.

Speaking about patterns and categories of conflict, one can distinguish the following: maneuver conflict, attrition warfare and moral conflict. The essence of every conflict pattern is to exploit and magnify. The goal is to create ambiguity, to deceive and to introduce new and fast maneuvers. As a result, the enemy is surprised, disoriented and shocked. Their whole strategy becomes disrupted. Speaking about the moral conflict, its main goal is to create uncertainty and mistrust. As a result of that, moral bonds are disrupted which no longer permits an organic whole to exist. In terms of attrition warfare, destructive force is actively used. In such a way, the enemy’s will to live is easier to break. What is more, this tactic is also used in order to make the enemy surrender. ‘Patterns of Conflict’ was one of the most influential materials in the field of war-fighting and military theory. What is more, John Boyd was named ‘America’s greatest military theorist’ based on this material and on the work that followed it.

When John Boyd gave the briefing on Patterns of Conflict at the Marine Corps Ambitious Warfare School in January 1980, Michael Wyly, who was the instructor at that time, changed the curriculum. The material presented in Patterns of Conflict is aimed at finding a basis for the grand military strategy, to discern a pattern for successful operations, to generalize the essence of tactics and military strategy as well as to describe the nature of moral-metal-physical conflict in detail.

Taking everything into consideration, Patterns of Conflict by Colonel John Boyd is one of the most influential materials in terms of military and war-fighting strategy. John Boyd was invited to various organizations to present his work and to explain the essence of the strategy highlighted in the material. Even though Patterns of Conflicts has also been criticized in terms of the approaches used as well as the nature of the strategy in general, it still remains to be one of the most detailed sources on how to mislead the enemy in order to make them believe that their opponent does not have any fighting strategy as well as make the enemy reveal their own strategy. In such a way, the opponent is able to learn everything about the enemy as well as make them surrender. The approach presented in the book is OODA loop and its goal is to upset the enemy’s observation-orientation-decision-action-time cycle. This tactic is one of the most effective in the military area and its successful implementation brings the required results.


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