What Is a Nerve Block and How Can It Help Me?

Close to 50 million people around the world are affected by chronic pain. Twenty million of these patients have to endure debilitating pain, which can be a hard reality if you are among them. The good news is that Dr. Hui Kang can put you on the right path to healing and liberate you from pain.

Establishing the source of your pain is at the core of finding the best treatment plan. The team at Houston Pain Specialists adopts a comprehensive approach to pain management and offers various noninvasive solutions, including nerve blocks. Below is what you need to know about this procedure.

When to Consider a Nerve Block

A nerve block treats the cause of your nerve inflammation and irritation to help relieve pain. Here are pain conditions that can have a link to nerve problems:

  •   Migraines
  •   Degenerative disc disease and arthritis 
  •   Spinal stenosis
  •   Lumbar or low back pain
  •   Neck pain
  •   Sciatica 
  •   Compression fractures
  •   Herniated discs

Nerve blocks can also help relieve surgery and cancer pain. Your leading specialist also uses interventional pain management techniques to diagnose your pain symptoms accurately.

How Nerve Blocks Work

There are various forms of nerve blocks including epidural injections, cervical medial branch blocks, and peripheral nerve blockades. During your initial consultation, your doctor will examine you to establish the root cause of your pain and help inform you on the best course of treatment.

During treatment, your doctor will administer precise amounts of anti-inflammatories, pain-relievers, or a mixture of the two into the nerve affected by inflammation. This method treats the nerve receptors that send pain signals to the brain and provides long-term relief from pain. Since it treats inflammation, it will give your irritated nerves ample time to heal.

Houston Pain Specialists employs a comprehensive treatment plan that includes physical therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, and osteopathic manipulation. 

What to expect when you have a nerve block

Your doctor and his team at Houston Pain Specialists perform this outpatient procedure and you will be free to go home the same day. The team uses X-ray guided injections to deliver medication into the pain points. Fluoroscopy helps locate the pain point and guides the thin injection needle with greater accuracy. 

Your doctor will use local anesthesia to reduce pressure on nerves and make you comfortable during treatment. You have to remain still when receiving the injection. You will only experience slight pressure during treatment since the treatment area is numbed.

Within a week or two after treatment, you will start to see results, but this is subject to the type of nerve block received. If steroid injections are used, you will continue to receive improved results for longer. Your doctor may recommend more than one injection depending on the severity of pain experienced so that you can receive full healing.

It is time to put a stop to chronic pain. If you are ready to receive a nerve block shot, schedule a consultation with the specialists at Houston Pain Specialists to learn how the procedure can help.

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