What effect has technology had on gaming?

The level of sophistication in modern gaming is awesome. Play one of the latest slot games online or try out the latest big console game and you will be blown away. Not only are the graphics more stunning than ever and the sound pin-sharp, but they also offer a much richer playing experience. These features are so common now that it is easy to forget that this wasn’t always the case.

Who can remember original computer games like Pong or even later ones like Sensible Soccer on the Commodore Amiga? While they were great games at the time, they cannot stand comparison to the ones we see now. This is all done to the lasting change brought to the gaming industry by technology.

How did tech make gaming so amazing?

Technology naturally plays a central role in gaming. It gives the consoles, computers and mobile devices the foundations on which to run. In the same way, it dictates to game developers what scope they have to play with when designing games.

But what specific ways has technology impacted gaming for the better?

  • Online gaming One of the most vital inventions of all-time is the internet. Its development has allowed you to play games online, an activity that many of us now enjoy. The online gaming market is huge, with estimations of $100 billion in annual revenue currently. A large part of this market includes playing at an online casino, which has opened up enjoying classic slot and card games to all. Before online gaming, you would have needed to physically visit a land-based casino if you had one near you.
  • Mobile gaming People using their mobile devices to play when on the move accounts for another huge sector within gaming. Whether it is a quick game of Angry Birds on your morning commute or some time on Clash of Clans at lunch, mobile gaming has taken off in a big way. This is mainly down to advances in technology that allow phones to play much more sophisticated and detailed games than before.
  • AI One aspect of gaming that you probably take for granted is the artificial intelligence of your computer opponents when playing a game. AI is very important to providing a fun and realistic gaming experience, and it’s one that only exists thanks to the technology behind it. After all, who wants to play a game on their own or with a computer opponent that doesn’t act realistically?
  • Move to 3D – When you go back to gaming’s early years (a span of time that was pre-consoles like the original PlayStation and Xbox), most games were 2D. While this was fine for a while, most people hankered after the real-life experience of 3D. Advances in game tech allowed for 3D games to be produced and for the consoles themselves to handle them.

Technology has made a lasting impact

When you look at where gaming is now compared to where it was, it is clear that technology has helped it change greatly. Whether it is no longer having to leave the house to play your favorite casino game or the ability to enjoy an online game wherever you are, technology has really made gaming open to all.

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