What Celebrity Matches Your Personality from the Harry Potter Movie Series?

Harry Potter is an awesome gift from J. K. Rowling. After watching the Harry Potter Movie Series, everyone’s dream is to move on to the school of wizards, Hogwarts school. Every mind, from child to old, those who have seen Harry Potter, especially the revolutionary Dumbledore army’s fight against Voldemort’s army, want to know what he would do if he was a part of that world? Would he be Professor Lupin? Would he be Ron? Would he be Snape Severance? Or would he be Harry Potter himself?

This is the question of millions. And so many Harry Potter fans want to know the answer. This kind of small funny can attract anyone’s attention for a while but must put a deep impact. Quiz Lagoon is helping you out in this game of characters if you have the question, ‘ what celebrity do i look like?’

Are You Harry Potter?

As you know, being the mainstream character is not so easy. Harry had to go through a lot. As a fan, you know more than us. But have you ever imagined, what makes him so special? Because he was the son of the legendary wizards who once helped the whole wizard World to be destroyed from Voldemort? Or is it because he is handsome and intelligent? It is because of his motivational talks, his sacrificial wishes, he feels the pain for others and that’s what makes him a diamond for us. Do you have the same desires within you? In the quiz section along with the type of your nature, you may be asked your eye color, your height, weight, and some other features too.

Are You Draco Malfoy?

Though throughout the series, he played a negative role, in the end by his positive moves, won the hearts of millions. When it came to killing his beloved professor, his hand started to shake and his eyes clearly stated that he didn’t want it. If you think you have a stone heart but still you cry when it comes to hurt someone, my friend, your heart is not a stone, it is a diamond too.

Like Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, so many amazing characters are there. If you accept the evilness within yourself, then maybe the result will come up as Voldemort. If you are honest and you can do anything for your friends, the result will be Sirius Black and if you can do anything for your love even sacrificing your life to protect it, then maybe you’ll be the second headmaster of Hogwarts, Mr. Snape Severase.

As this of Quiz Lagoon tells exactly what is within you, be honest to it. Read the question, close your eyes and look into your heart, what you’ll do if you are present in that condition, as stated in the quiz questions. You’ll get your answer.

Follow this amazing game and you’ll understand what your character is according to the novel. Click on the start button and play the game.

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