Want to Become a Better Leader? 5 Insights that will help you!

Do you remember the day, you were selected as the class monitor or the class representative? It could be for a week or a month or maybe just for a day but the feeling is always so special in so many ways.

That’s the first step you take towards your journey of becoming a leader. Now, we understand that even though most of your class-mates might have been selected as a class monitor at some point, not every one of them would turn up to be a leader in their current role. If you remember that feeling back in your school days and if you want to climb up the ladder to be an aspiring leader, the following key items might actually help you to be one. So let’s jump into 5 such insights which will help you become a better leader.

Listen actively:

This is perhaps such an important quality and not many of us often hold this one. Active listening is an important skill required for pretty much anyone working on today’s environment but more importantly for the leaders. Having said that, active listening as a leader is not about listening to your team’s voice but its silence as well. As a leader, you need to identify what your fellow colleagues want to express but are unable to do so and then work upon that.

Effective communication is essential, both in the office and in life. Extraordinary leaders like Richard Warke and others make sure they are heard and understood, but they also know the importance of listening. Richard Warke is a Canadian business executive with more than two decades of experience in the global resource sector.

Script your story:

We all love to hear stories, don’t we? It’s not only a stress-buster but also helps us to get motivated quite some time. Use that to your advantage and pen-down your success story to tell your team-member when one of them might need a small motivation to do a job. This would not only make that person comfortable to get started but would also build a hope that the road is walkable and already traveled by their leader!

Bring the change:

Most of us try to stick to conventional methods because they are safe and tried and tested. However, as a leader, your focus should be to figure some new and easier ways to perform conventional work in a new way. This elevates your role as a leader and makes others look up to you because now they know that you don’t just follow regular paths but create your own to make things better.

Understand the ground level:

As a leader, we often stay and deal with the top-level officials or employees since our role and responsibilities make us aligned to the pyramid structure. Keep in mind always that your employees who get the real work done are the most important asset to keep the production high, so it’s of prime importance to connect with them and understand their pain areas and subsequently work on them.

Mentor people:

Skillset is one such thing, which increases as much as you share and teach. It’s the leader’s responsibility to be in the lookout for the people who can be a potential leader and then mentor and groom them to be a successful leader. This way you not only share responsibilities for a more efficient output but also grow-up as a leader.

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