Using different birth control methods to prevent pregnancy during your fertile period

If you are sexually active and do not want to become pregnant, you must use a reliable form of birth control methods to prevent pregnancy. Dr. Deshawn Taylor is among the specialists who offer you customized birth control prescriptions and consultations. Therefore, you can use long-acting reversible contraception like intrauterine devices or birth control pills to prevent unwanted or unintended pregnancies.

What are the available types of birth control?

There is a wide range of family planning options like:

  • Birth control pills, rings, and patches

Patches, birth control pills, and rings all function by releasing hormones such as progestin and estrogen. To work efficiently and effectively, you are required to take your pill daily or change your ring or patch on weeks or monthly basis, respectively. Depending on the type of hormonal birth control you are using, it can prevent the sperm from reaching the ovum, fertilizing it, stopping ovulation, or thickening your cervical mucus.

  • Intrauterine devices (IUD)

An intrauterine device is a small t-shaped device that is usually inserted into your uterus. IUDs are usually available in two different forms, one of which is a non-hormonal option that involves copper to repel the sperms and make your uterus an unfavorable environment for fertilization to take place. The other form of IUDs normally releases a progestin that thins the lining of your uterus and thickens your cervical mucus to prevent sperm cells from passing through and fertilizing one of your eggs. Once the IUD is placed into place, it prevents pregnancy for a period of up to twelve years, depending on the type of IUD you might choose.

  • Nexplanon

Nexplanon, the brand name of birth control implant, refers to a three-inch-long and thin rod that is usually inserted under your upper arm’s skin. It is also a hormonal type of birth control that slowly releases progestin hormone to thicken your cervical mucus and stop evaluation. Nexplanon is a birth control method that is effective for up to three years.

  • Depo-Provera

Depo-Provera is a birth control shot given in the form of an injection once after every three months. The injection contains progestin hormones, which thickens your cervical mucus and also stops ovulation. To maximize the effectiveness of the birth control shot, you are required to have the injection after every twelve weeks.

How do I know the type of birth control that is right for me?

The care provider provides you with birth control information and consultations to help you choose the type of birth control method that suits your individual needs. You are also supposed to consider factors like cost, effectiveness and whether using a certain birth control method fits your lifestyle. For instance, can you take your pill at the same time every day?

What birth control methods also prevent STDs?

It’s only through the use of barrier contraceptive methods like condoms that can protect you from STDs. Therefore you can also combine the use of condoms with other types of birth control options to prevent the spread of STIs and pregnancy.

In case you have a question about the birth control methods available, call or visit Desert Star Family Planning today for more information on the different options available.

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