Top Tips for Fizzy Kombucha

If you are getting sick and tired of your Kombucha coming out flat and are in search for tips to ensure that you can make the fizziest and tastiest kombucha you have come to the right place!

Let’s look into why your kombucha is not as fizzy as you would have liked –

Kombucha becomes carbonated during secondary fermentation – This is when you flavour your kombucha, bottle it and leave it out to ferment for longer. This works by the bacteria in the kombucha getting reactivated by the sugary flavourings and releasing gas! The flavourings that you use, the temperature you store your kombucha at and the bottle you used to hold you drink all make a huge difference to how fizzy kombucha becomes!

Helpful Tips

  • Flavour kombucha with fresh juice – fresh juice often contains more enzymes and sugars than other flavourings and therefore can make kombucha fizzier than ever before
  • Add sugar – If you are looking for super fizzy kombucha you can add sugar in addition to fruit juice, however if you are looking for unflavoured fizzy kombucha you should solely use sugar instead of flavourings
  • Don’t filter out the yeast in your kombucha till you are ready to consume it and it can help kombucha to become more fizzy
  • Use flip top bottles – These bottles are high quality and ensure that fizzy kombucha can stay fizzy for as long as possible not letting any escape until opened
  • Sometimes it can take much longer than people think for kombucha to carbonate so it is important to be patient, especially during cold months
  • Kombucha takes longer to become carbonated in winter than summer due to cold temperatures – The colder it is the longer you should expect to wait

These are only some of the available tips for making super fizzy kombucha at home too – If you require further advice or have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch with a leading kombucha supplier such as Happy Kombucha today.




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