Top Benefits You Can Get from Your OBGYN During Pregnancy

An OBGYN is trained to handle two medical specialties, which are gynecology and obstetrics. While the former covers matters related to the female reproductive system, the latter is concerned about pregnancy. Your OBGYN can see you through pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. But do you know how?

Your OBGYN will play a significant role all through your first to the third trimester. If you are expectant, here are some ways they can help you during and after a Cranston pregnancy

During Your First Appointment

It is usually advisable to begin seeing your obstetrician immediately if you decide you want to get pregnant. You can also time your visits to after you learn you are pregnant. Usually, your first appointment will involve routine tests, which are normal in pregnancy. You can also use this opportunity to learn about how you can manage your health and that of your baby.

If your lifestyle might pose a risk to your child, your OBGYN could recommend some lifestyle changes. This could include suggestions to stop smoking or drinking. You might also be required to change your diet or adopt some exercise routines.

You can also expect your OBGYN to schedule future appointments.

During Pregnancy

Your OBGYN will arrange for future appointments spread out through your pregnancy. If you get your antenatal care at a public hospital, you can have these meetings only when deemed necessary.  However, it is advisable never to miss a scheduled appointment. You should also see your OBGYN more often if you have a high-risk pregnancy.

During your antenatal check-ups, your OBGYN will check on your overall health and that of your child. They will also:

  • Help educate and prepare you for birth.
  • Monitor your baby’s growth progress and position
  • Conduct routine checks and tests
  • Refer you to other specialists, as needed
  • Perform an ultrasound

Not every OBGYN will perform an ultrasound in their office. Some prefer to practice shared care management, where you divide your appointments between them, your GP, and your midwife.

During Labor and Birth

OBGYNs deal with everything from routine deliveries to high-risk pregnancies. They are often available to handle any emergencies or complications that may arise in the labor room. If you are delivering your baby in a private hospital, you can also request that your OBGYN be present during childbirth.

After the Birth

A private OBGYN can come in handy during the postpartum period. This is because they will usually check on you and arrange appointments after you leave the hospital. During these meetings, you can discuss your concerns, such as birth control and any plans for future pregnancies.

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A lot happens from the moment you begin preparing for a child to after they are born. It is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed or unqualified for the job. Fortunately, you never have to walk this journey alone. OBGYNs are trained to make this process as smooth-sailing as possible.

No matter the stage of regency you are in, you can benefit from the services of an OBGYN. Dr. A. Michael Coppa is compassionate about helping his patients through routine or high-risk pregnancies. If you have questions, you can contact him online to schedule a consultation. 

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